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If you are looking for a fun-filled day and an unforgettable experience, Aqualandia is the park for you.

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Are you coming with your kids to spend an unforgettable day? Do you want to enjoy a good plan with your group of friends? Or maybe you are looking for adrenaline and excitement in its purest form?

Discover the different possibilities we offer you to enjoy Aqualandia the way you like.

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Combine your stay at Gran Luxor Hotel & Village with unlimited access to the best leisure parks on the Costa Blanca: Terra Mitica, Aqualandia and Mundomar.

For those who really know how to have fun... get the best prices by booking directly on our website.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Attractions close 30' before park closing time.

1. Large familiers and single-parent families

Large families and single-parent families that show their ASAFAN Membership Card / Official Family Record Book / Large Family Accreditation Card / Special Large Family Accreditation Card will have the following discount benefits applied to their ticket prices during the 2023 seasons: • Aqualandia: 30% discount (admission would be lowered to €27.30 for adults and €20.30 for children).

2. State security forces

State security and law enforcement forces and agencies have the following discounts: • Aqualandia: 30% discount for the 2023 season (normal admission at ticket offices is €39 for adults and €29 for children between the ages of 4 and 12, which means the discounted price would be €27.30 for adults and €20.30 for children). Discount will be applied at ticket offices for the worker and up to 4 companions.

3. Aqualandia admission

Normal admission at ticket offices is as follows: Aqualandia: admission tickets cost €39 for adults and €29 for children (4-12 years). One-day admission tickets purchased online have a discounted rate and, as can be seen at the page below, their price is €34 for adults and €26 for children:

4. Disabilities

Discounted admission tickets for individuals with disabilities may be purchased at ticket offices with proof of a 33% degree of disability or greater. At Aqualandia, normal admission tickets cost €39 for adults and €29 for children (4-12 years) and that price with the discount would be €20 for both adults and children (4-12 years). This discount is applied to the admission of the person with the disability and one companion.

5. Printing admission tickets

Admission tickets do not have to be printed. You can store them on your mobile device and show them at the park.

6. Discount vouchers and coupons

Physical discount vouchers and coupons may only be used at ticket offices and will apply solely to the official, non-discounted ticket office price. • Aqualandia: admission tickets cost €39 for adults and €29 for children (4-12 years).

7. Youth Card

By showing your youth card and national identity document at our ticket offices, you will get a 30% discount on individual admission tickets to the parks. This discount is only valid for card bearers. • Aqualandia: 30% discount (normal admission at ticket offices is €39, which means the discounted price would be €27.30).
Attractions close 30' before park closing time.

1. Lockers

In Aqualandia we have lockers from 5 €.

2. Saltwater

The water used at Aqualandia is saltwater and it is extracted from the park's own wells. This water is filtered and recycled with advanced water treatment systems.
Attractions close 30' before park closing time.

1. Food at the park

If you visit the section of our website with information about our park, you will see that we have dining services available. There are different options in terms of where to eat and the typical food price is between €10-15 per person. You can also bring your own food (no glass containers allowed) and there is a picnic area where you can eat.

2. Height Requirements

The majority of our rides and attractions are for people who are at least 1.20 meters or taller. Children below that height can enjoy the children's area, the pools, and the Mini Zig-Zag. The minimum height requirements for each ride and attraction can be found at the following link:

3. Fast Pass

At Aqualandia, we do not offer "fast pass" wristband services.

4. Shoes

At Aqualandia, water shoes may be used in the swimming pools but not on the slides.

5. Animals

Animals are not allowed on our premises. For the convenience of the animal we recommend other services, such as those offered by the nearby Caraby kennel, which can be contacted on 965 85 59 81.


Clothing that is suitable for any ride ranges from all types of swimsuits to spandex garments that fit snugly to the body. The use of garments made of denim is not allowed. Burkini use is permitted as long as said clothing item has been made with the same type of fabric and also fits the body snugly. Regarding the use of swim socks, these must be made of spandex or cotton and may never have treads of any kind on the sole. The use of water shoes is not permitted. In the event that you are wearing footwear at the time of going on the ride, it must be taken off/securely attached to the wrists. Swimsuits, burkinis, and authorized garments may never have elements like snaps or zippers on the back that make it difficult for riders to descend or which could damage the slide. en esa url y en esta