Moderate Attraction

Criss-crossing slides which zig-zag downwards. You have to try them all. There are five and each one is exciting in its own way; Looks complicated? Go on, you can do it!


You must follow the ride´s rules of use and the indications of the lifeguards at all times.

For safety reasons, the minimum height to use the ride is 1.25 metres (4 feet 2 inches), except slide number 5.

It is absolutely necessary to know how to swim to use this ride.

Small children who do not know how to swim, or those with flotation devices, must be accompanied by an adult and may only use slide number 5.

Planning and distribution of rider sequencing is the sole responsibility of the lifeguards.

This ride must be used lying down completely on your back with your arms crossed behind your neck and your legs stretched out and crossed.

When an adult is accompanying a child, the recommended position is: both seated, holding onto the child around the waist.

You must leave the reception pool as quickly as possible through the corresponding exit.

Do not spend more time in the reception pool than what is necessary to get out.

Use of this ride with sunglasses, reading glasses, goggles, t-shirts and any type of footwear is prohibited.

Likewise, the use of jean or lose-fitting clothing or any type of electronic device is prohibited.

For safety reasons, it is prohibited to run in all the park.

If you are ill, if you have a health condition which impairs you or if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs you may not use the ride.

It is recommended to shower before using the ride.

We ask that you please be respectful with our other guests.

It is recommended not to carry valuable objects such as rings, watches, chains, cameras, etc. While using the ride as these object can be lost.

Watch children who are with you at all times.

If in doubt on the use of the ride, check with our personnel present nearby.



Height restriction:

Minimun height 1.25 metres.


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