Cyclon - Entradas y Promociones en Aqualandia Benidorm


Moderate Attraction

Cyclon! The attraction you were waiting for arrives at Aqualandia. Ready to hallucinate?

Cyclon is a big attraction with extraordinary dimensions. The attraction counts 36 meters high and with 200 meters in length. You will find different falls, curves, and descents. You can enjoy a long route of 2,7 meters with a float for 4 persons and you are going to arrive on a large “vortex” with 20 meters of diameter and 45 degrees inclination.
The adventure in this big “vortex” ends with a fall in the pool.


The rules for use of the attraction must be observed at all times as well as the instructions given by members of the life-saving team.

You must be able to swim to use this attraction.

For safety reasons, the minimum height to use the attraction is 1,25M and the maximum weight per float must not exceed 320kg.

The correct posture to use the attraction is sitting, resting the back against the float back rest.

For safety reasons and for the correct functioning of the activity, you must remain seated on the float.

The only entrance to the attraction is by the appropriate entry point.

Use of the attraction is prohibitted if using sun glasses, spectacles, diving masks or any kind of footwear. Neither may denim clothing or any kind of electronic device be used.

Use of this attraction is not allowed if you are feeling unwell, if you have any limitations due to poor health or if under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Due to the risk of loss, you are recommended not to carry or wear valuable objects such as rings, watches, chains, and cameras during use of the attraction.

Supervise children with you at all times.

If you are in any doubt as to the use of the attraction please ask our onsite staff.


36 meters

Speed average

60 km/h


Height restriction:

Minimum height 1,25 meters

Weight restriction:

Maximum weight per float 320kg
Minimum weight per float 200kg

COVID-19 restriction:

Only groups of 4 people from the same family unit can enjoy the ride.


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