Verti-Go is the name of this set of two slides of 28 and 33 meters high. The 33 is the highest slide in Europe and the tallest slide-capsule in the world. There is none of these characteristics and higher in the world.

The gravitational acceleration that the client will achieve in this attraction will depend on their body mass although the more than 100 km / h will be exceeded in the least of cases. Verti-Go guarantees the sliding of the client by the attraction in just 3 seconds, with the total length of the slide being 33 meters higher than 100 meters and 95 in the case of the 28 meter version.

“Verti-Go is like jumping from a 13th floor. Are you ready? “

Attraction type


Height of attraction

28 y 33 metros

Speed average

100 km/h


Restriction of height and weight slide red:

Minimum height 1.40 meters.
Maximum weight 120 Kg.

Restriction of height and weight green slide:

Minimum height 1.25 meters.
Maximum weight 120 Kg.