They can be big and small, with several routes, straight or full of curves, but all of them have a common goal: fun. And the thing is that we love water slides!

Whatever our age is, we do not think twice and we go ahead for adventure in the colourful tubes which form these fantastic attractions.

One of the reasons why we love water slides so much is the feelings they provoke. As we grow older, we look for new emotions which surprise us and make us enjoy the same as the first day.

Although we may think that water slides are for children, they are absolutely not. There are specialized parks such as Aqualandia which have a series of attractions adapted to each visitor. For that reason, the water slides of the park are classified in three levels of adrenaline so that both children and older people can enjoy a day between the land, the sea and the air in our water slides.

Imagination plays an important role in the life of children. Although their water slides are not very high, their wishes to have fun will create a magical scene when they get into our attractions. Teenagers eager to discover new adventures can enjoy the falls when they slide down on our water slides. However, one of the greatest benefits of water slides on adults is the elimination of stress, since the adrenaline running through our body when we are sliding down in a water slides can make everyday stress disappear.

Each water slides is unique, and their shape and characteristics are the key elements for feeling emotion during a slide down. Our wide range of attractions includes water slides, capsule sledges, tubes, spiral-sledges, with curves and different slopes.

Aqualandia includes an endless number of options to enjoy its water slides to the fullest. We have three routes to discover our aquatic attractions depending on whether we are with children or depending on the level of adrenaline we want to experience.

The Family Route is one of the options to enjoy both for children and adults. This route starts in Adventureland, where children can go down some small water slides which run into a pool full of games and activities. We can continue the route in the Black Hole, a water slides with a circular route in the darkness. The smooth slides, Splash and the rapids are three water slides ready to do competitions, so the winner will be the first one to slide down in our ZigZag. In order to finish with this route, there is nothing better than a dip and a last go in the water slides of our Lagoon.

In the Friend Route we can combine attractions of the former route with a slide down on our Big-Bang water slides, four routes of different heights which are ideal to get ready for the main attraction: Verti-Go!, the highest water slide in Europe, 33 meters tall, which will shoot our adrenaline level up.

And, finally, in our Extreme Route you can enjoy emotions in their pure state. Only the bravest ones will dare to do it!

We love water slides, summer and, of course, Aqualandia. We are waiting for you with our arms opened.