Don’t you know the last novelty of Aqualandia Benidorm? We are talking about our AquaBand.

You are enjoying a day of water and fun in Aqualandia and oh! You want to buy a bottle of water to cool yourself off, but… your wallet is in the locker and you do not want to go there to get it. No problem, forget your wallet and get an AquaBand!

In Aqualandia we have thought of the best solution so that our visitors can enjoy a day of fun without interruptions. AquaBand is a wallet band with which you can buy things in the establishments of Aqualandia without carrying cash or your credit card.

Do you want a slushie? AquaBand. An ice cream for the children? AquaBand. Eating in a restaurant in the park? AquaBand. This band lets you dispose of money in Aqualandia in an easy and simple way without carrying your wallet for the whole day.

You can enjoy the attractions in the park without having to go to the locker each time you want to buy a product in the park. Can you imagine a whole day of attractions and swimming-pools without limits? This is one of the biggest advantages of this band: you do not need to stop having fun to get money.

For that reason, the park made this method of payment available to its visitors which works as a wallet band. You only have to come, ask for it, deposit the money you want to spend and have fun. This band is totally free and it works by depositing the money you think you will need. If you run out of money, you can always recharge it. And when the day finishes, if you did not spend all the money that you had deposited, the remaining money will be refunded to you.

This is a perfect solution to make the most of every minute on the attractions and water slides of the park. So, nobody will miss a second of fun! In order to make this technology easy for our visitors, we have placed a booth where people can get these bands which substitute the traditional wallet we are used to.

AquaBand will let you move around without carrying money for each of the purchases you want to make in the different establishments in our park, such as restaurants and shops, among others. Many advantages come up to our mind, but these are the most important ones:

  • It is totally free. You just have to ask for it once you access to the park. Aquaband’s use at no cost.
  • You can leave your wallet in the locker. This way you do not have to worry about it and you can enjoy in the park in comfort.
  • You can buy any type of product. Food, drinks, gifts…You can buy everything you find in the shops of the park without interrupting your fun to go to the locker to get money.
  • Money not spent is refunded. As simple as this. When you want to go back home, you only have to return the band before leaving the park and then the remaining money on the AquaBand will be refunded.

As for the disadvantages… we did not find any!