The explorer’s kit. What should I pack in my backpack to spend a perfect day in Aqualandia?

The explorer’s kit. What should I pack in my backpack to spend a perfect day in Aqualandia?



The explorer’s kit. What should I pack in my backpack to spend a perfect day in Aqualandia?

By Communications Department

What is the perfect explorer’s kit that we should prepare so that nothing goes wrong on our day in Aqualandia?

Finally the day has come! And everything is ready to go to the park, but… what do we have to pack in our backpack to spend the best adventure day of our lives in this water park?

The most important thing: be eager to spend an unforgettable day and full of fun! Undoubtedly, the swimsuit and the towel are essential to enjoy the many water attractions in the park. Water slides, smooth sledges or the Jacuzzi, children’s areas, among many other attractions, are waiting for you in this unique aquatic experience.

If you want to enjoy the park to the fullest you must not forget to wear the proper footwear. Flip flops, jelly shoes or beach shoes are ideal to discover all the corners of Aqualandia. If you are one of those who do not stop for a minute or you are a tireless walker, we recommend wearing some footwear which holds your feet tight because it will provide you more safety and comfort when walking.

The adventurer’s kit for Aqualandia must include sunscreen. When we are going to be in the sun it is more than advisable to protect our skin with a high factor sunscreen, with protection filters appropriate for the sensitivity of our skin. For good use of these products, do not forget to apply it on all your body every two hours, paying special attention to the areas which are more sensitive to the sun exposure such as your face and shoulders.

Who is an explorer without a hat? A hat or a cap not only will provide the necessary touch to your explorer look, but it will also protect you from the sun. On the one hand, it prevents too much sunlight from getting to your eyes and, on the other hand, it avoids direct sun exposure to you head.

A good explorer must recharge his/her batteries in Aqualandia and carry on with the fun. In order to do so, the park has a wide range of services to enjoy a meal, ice creams or soft drinks. The park has an area with self-service restaurants, a snack bar, a cafeteria and another area for picnics.

And if you are one of those who cannot think of an adventure without posting a picture on Instagram, remember that you can bring your mobile phone or camera to immortalize the unforgettable moments you are going to experience, but be careful… remember that they are made of water-sensitive materials. So, you should get a special water-proof case to take a selfie without worrying about water affecting your electronic device.

And with all of this, you are ready to explore Aqualandia. But if you forget anything at home, do not worry, because you will find a wide range of products in our shops, such as flip-flops, caps, sunscreen or towels, apart from many gifts and souvenirs of your visit to the park.


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