Aqualandia Rules, simple instructions to enjoy the park better

Aqualandia Rules, simple instructions to enjoy the park better



Aqualandia Rules, simple instructions to enjoy the park better

By Communications Department

The first thing for us is your safety, for that reason we have some simple rules in Aqualandia so your day goes by peacefully.

We are very happy with the great welcome that Aqualandia is having one more season. Days are very fun with family and friends enjoying our water slides and swimming-pools to escape from the sun and heat in Benidorm. Days usually go by peacefully in the park, with a dosage of fun and relaxation, moments for laughter and adrenaline, games and competitions, and, luckily, with few quarrels or accidents.

Days are like that due to many factors: first of all, because we are aware of the importance of safety and we comply with all the required protocols and measures. On the other hand, because, in general, you behave very well, you have fun without excess and you obey the instructions, the lifeguards and the staff of the park.

For a perfect coexistence and so that both employees and clients can enjoy the days in Aqualandia without any problem, we have the general rules or instructions of the park. They are recommendations and some prohibitions and they are visible throughout the entire park. However, we are going to remind you of them. But remember, although you will not read it anywhere, the most important rule is to enjoy and havie fun. Aqualandia is a place to have a lot of fun.

Each attraction has its specific rules and the most important thing is following the instructions of the lifeguard. We cannot do the same things in all the attractions or go down in the same position. If you have any doubt, always ask to the park staff.

Running in the park is totally prohibited. We are a place where there is a lot of water, so many areas will be wet, even yourself. When you run, you can fall down, slip… Children cannot be alone in the park, they must always be accompanied by an adult. If a child gets lost, he/she has to go to the information desk in the main entrance.

Attractions have a height rule. The minimum height to use a water slides alone is usually 1.20 or 1.25m; you always have to follow the instructions of the sign and the lifeguard. Pregnant women, people with heart diseases and anyone with a plaster cannot slide down on the water slides. It is essential that you can swim to use all the attractions in the park.

If you have an accident or you fall down, if you feel bad or sick, the park is totally prepared. It has a first-aid kit, a doctor and a medical assistant to look after you at any moment. The first-aid kit is next to the dining room of the snack-bar.

The park has restaurants for all tastes, but if you prefer eating food cooked at home there is no problem at all, it is totally allowed, but cans or glass containers are not allowed to avoid possible accidents. You can eat peacefully in the picnic area and in all the green areas in Aqualandia.

With these simple rules and prohibitions of Aqualandia, we guarantee a good operation of the park, an excellent coexistence and we avoid possible accidents. Please, follow them all and do not forget that if you do so, your aim to have fun is totally granted.


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