Did you know that you can swim with sea lions in our park, apart from having fun, relaxing, releasing adrenaline and non-stop enjoyment?

In Aqualandia we want to offer you unforgettable experiences and this one, for sure, will be one of the experiences which will remain in your minds and your hearts forever.

Sea lions are mammals which can be found in seas all over the world except in the Atlantic Ocean. Their body has the shape of a torpedo and it allows them to move both in the sea and on land. They are very communicative and sociable animals and they usually live in colonies composed of several members.

The intelligence of sea lions let them learn the different tricks that the vets and trainers teach them in aquariums and zoos very well. They are native animals in these places, and that is why we are used to them. Their shy and docile character makes treating with them easy and there is no risk when touching, playing or swimming with them.

In Aqualandia, we know that animal lovers would like to play with sea lions and for that reason we added this swimming experience with them. It is an opportunity to get to know this specie better and experience a unique moment forever.

When buy your tickets in our web you will see the option of a ticket to the park with a swim with sea lions. This ticket, which costs 49 Euros for adults and 39 for children, is only sold online. The experience we are suggesting occurs in the Lagoon area where we play with the springboards, zip wires, rings and nets. There you can swim with the sea lions, play, learn the tricks that their keepers do with them, pet them and hug them.

This swim is suitable for children over 4 years old, but children under 8 must be accompanied by an adult. It is essential that you can swim and it is not recommended for pregnant women or disabled people. It is essential to arrive at the Lagoon 30 minutes before the beginning of the activity.

Do not hesitate, if you want to come to Aqualandia, add this new experience and make your day in the park a complete and unforgettable day. Live an adventure with one of the most affectionate animals in the marine world, have fun, play and learn more about this species.