Aqualandia is a great water park located next to the city of Benidorm in an incomparable environment. Our park is 200,000m2 wide where you can find green areas, car parks, our wonderful attractions, swimming-pools, restaurants, etc. A very broad complex to enjoy endless days under Benidorm’s sunlight.

In Aqualandia, the biggest areas of our complex are green areas, as we consider vegetation as essential in the environment of a water park. Additionally, the relaxing areas are always better in the shades of trees and with grass to lie down on.

70% of the park is green areas, with trees and plants or bushes, since Aqualandia stands out for creating a paradisiacal environment. Among our vegetation, pine trees, palm trees, great ficus, meadows of grass and flowers such as geraniums, lantanas, begonias or the colourful so -called ‘home

happiness’ (impatiens) stand out. In fact, a great ‘carpet’ of impatiens welcomes visitors at their arrival to the park, as a sign of our happiness for your arrival.

Our green areas have not always been the same. Over the years, they were enlarged and improved to create real daydream spaces full of colours. Aqualandia has a wide representation of species of the region, since we are an open-minded and international park, but rooted in our city and our province, and we consider that our species are important and they must be represented.

And in order to have our gardens and trees in perfect condition, we have a team of great professional gardeners who, thanks to their great experience, keep the paradisiacal spirit that we want in Aqualandia. Especially in summer, they take care of irrigation and clean the leaves and flowers which may fall from the trees or plants. In winter, they cover most of the areas to avoid frosting, as many of our plants are delicate and cold affects them.

They carry out a thorough work ob so you can enjoy our plants and feel that you are carried to another place, a wonderful jungle or rain forest. Thus we are waiting for you to come and have fun in our attractions, to relax sunbathing and to enjoy our plants. What are you waiting for? You can buy your tickets already!