Combined tickets: enjoy several parks with just one ticket

Combined tickets: enjoy several parks with just one ticket



Combined tickets: enjoy several parks with just one ticket

By Communications Department

Have you heard about the combined tickets? Haven’t you? They are the perfect option for people loving great emotions.

Aqualandia is one of your favourite places in summer and we are satisfied with that. We know that a summer will not be completed without our water slides, our swimming-pools and the great emotions you experience in a day in our park. But, apart from our beloved Benidorm, there are other paces which complete a perfect summer. We are talking about other theme parks where you can enjoy with your family and friends, obviously apart from the thousands of plans that the city of Benidorm offers you.

In this area, apart from Aqualandia, there is a perfect place for animal lovers: Mundomar. You can find different species of mammals, birds and reptiles in this park with which you can enjoy a great visit, complemented with different shows and the possibility to live special experiences such as swimming with sea lions or meeting dolphins.

For those who love other civilizations, risks, adventure and the most awesome attractions, we have Terra Mítica. This theme park with attractions will take you directly to the history of Greece, Egypt and Rome. You will also enjoy shows and attractions which will thrill you and increase your adrenaline levels.

Terra Mítica, Mundomar and Aqualandia are three different and unique worlds where you can laugh, release adrenaline, visit animals, play, discover other civilizations… Three leisure alternatives which do not leave indifferent to anyone, since they make you enjoy unique experiences. And the three parks are at your disposal with the combined tickets.

This kind of special ticket is, as all of them, available in our online shop for ticket sale at the best prices. These tickets let you enjoy two or three parks of the group to which Aqualandia belongs with incredible discounts and great benefits. The tickets are valid until the 30th of September, the closing of the season, so you can go to the parks whenever it is better for you. You have enough time to plan your visit and with the advantage of jumping queues and going directly to the access turnstiles.

We have three kinds of combined tickets: Aqualandia and Mundomar, one day of aquatic fun and another day learning and enjoying with birds and sea animals. The price is 49 Euros for adults, 36 for junior or senior visitors. Aqualandia and Terra Mítica, one day in the water park and another day discovering attractions and civilizations for 57 Euros for adults and 44 for junior or senior visitors. And finally, the most complete ticket, the one combining the three parks at a unique price. An incomparable opportunity to enjoy the water park, the animal park and the theme park for a price of 76 Euros for adults and 59 for junior or senior visitors.

Combined tickets have a wealth of benefits and opportunities. Plan your leisure sessions in our parks for an incredible price. Combine and gain fun, adventures and unique experiences.


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