Your Favorite Attractions

Your Favorite Attractions



Your Favorite Attractions

By Communications Department

We are experts in fun and, obviously, in attractions.  Each year, you visit us to enjoy the risk, the speed, the relaxation… we spend days of extreme heat together, refreshing in swimming pools and on water slides.

Our attractions are our strong point, the reason why you come to see us each year. And, as we have already mentioned, thanks to the surveys that we do, we can learn more about you and about what attractions you like most.

We are all different, and that is the beauty of life. In our differences lie our tastes in terms of having fun. There are people who want to go to the limit of their senses, to explore their feelings and always experience new things. Others are lovers of calm and controlled situations. There are those who are competitive and those who love to share… and our attractions have been created for all of you and for all possible ages.

We have asked and you have given us an endless array of answers, but one thing is for sure: wanting to share experiences and moments is something that almost all of you have in common. Thus, the attraction you like most, the one you rate highest (and with a lot difference), is our Smooth Slides attraction. When speaking of the Smooth Slides, you leave us a lot of positive feedback, and there are practically no negative points.

Truth be told, we are not surprised. The Smooth Slides are an Aqualandia classic. Five parallel tracks with a soft, spongy texture… high-speed (but controllable) falls that you can share with your friends. The Smooth Slides are the quintessential attraction to enjoy the park with a group.

Not very far from them, you also speak wonders of the Rapids  one of the best attractions for families. For all ages, the Rapids consist of peaceful and refreshing downstream paths for you to embark upon and laugh while having fun without excessively strong emotions.

For more intense thrills, the third on your list of favorites is the Verti-Go, our star attraction for those who are addicted to speed, new challenges, and one-off experiences. It consists of two slides measuring 28 and 33 meters, the latter being the highest slide in Europe and the highest capsule slide in the world… a spectacular free fall for those who need to release some adrenaline.

We continue with the strong emotions, because after Verti-Go, you love Big-Bang, another of our attractions that are classified as radical. It consists of the colors of the Parcheesi board spread out over open and closed slides with stunning free falls. Of course, the Big Bang practically ties with another of our classics, the Zig-Zag. This is a braided journey over a marvelous zigzag slide that is quite refreshing… an attraction for those who enjoy water slides but don’t need such strong emotions.

And though these are your favorite attractions, we are very happy to know that in reality you like them all. You don’t list nearly any negative aspects, and that is synonymous with the fact that it seems that we are doing a good job. Additionally, as we have already said, we take those negative comments and suggestions with pleasure as they help us to improve and continue offering the best thrills and water fun. We want to continue discovering what you like more and less so that, during the 2018 season, we can offer you the best of the best and keep on having a blast.


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