We’re debuting new attractions! We’d like to present the new attractions of Aqualandia. They are already installed in our water park and are waiting for you to enjoy them. Are you up for it?

These are two attractions that are completely different from anything you have seen so far at Aqualandia and, without a doubt, they will leave you with the desire to get to know them better and ride them again and again.

We know that when you come to visit us, you do so aiming to have a blast and enjoy each of our attractions – and we always want to offer you more rides and better fun. Thus, since we want your day at our park to be the best it can be, you now have the opportunity to enjoy these two new experiences at Aqualandia. Do you want to know what they’re like? Listen up!

The first is a ride on which you can enjoy four different experiences – an attraction that undoubtedly was created for the brave and daring, those who are willing to take on a real challenge. Turns are the strong point of this attraction, which includes two chairs that never stop spinning in all directions. On this ride, you’ll experience a new way of seeing and feeling things; you’ll know a new reality. This is the only device in the world capable of generating 360° spins, adding more adrenaline to your experience, so that your greatest concern will be to enjoy and hold on really well – because the super thrills are guaranteed. Immerse yourself in the world of the dinosaurs and feel the descent of a roller coaster like never before. But that’s not all…. the best thing about this new attraction is that, thanks to the virtual reality glasses by Samsung that you’ll be provided to wear, the four most fun experiences that you’ll ever have at Aqualandia will be simulated right before your very eyes. Surely, you have never experienced anything like this before – it’s a ride that blurs the line between the real and virtual worlds.

Secondly, we’d like to introduce you to our ‘Virtual Life.’ Here, you’ll enjoy the excitement in a virtual reality game room and, in addition, you will be accompanied by two pistols on your travels through the room so that you’re ready to come face to face with zombies, spaceships, etc…. but we can’t reveal any more details, as we want you to experience this for yourself. Just like the ‘Four Experiences’ ride, you’ll enjoy this new attraction with HTC virtual reality glasses designed to enhance your experience.

There you have it: two new attractions are waiting for you at Aqualandia. If you are planning on coming to visit us this summer to have a great day, you and your friends or family can take advantage now more than ever to be one of the first to enjoy these two new unparalleled experiences – in addition to the most typical park attractions, such as the Verti-Go and our Smooth Slides. When you try them, you won’t want to get off them!