Water parks are very closely related with summer holidays. They are something typical of which we all think when classes and exams have finished and when the adults are on vacation. Having said that, you can also enjoy a fun-filled day of water entertainment even the school year – and, you can do so with your classmates.

Aqualandia opens to the public when the good weather arrives and we’re sure that we’ll have hot, sunny days. And, where we are located in Benidorm, warm, sunny days begin very early in the spring. But, to be sure that you can fully enjoy the park, it is always best to wait a little for the weather to be stable.

The exact date that Aqualandia opens varies by year based on multiple factors – but, as we have said, the most important thing is the weather. The park opens about the end of May, a month before the official start of the summer, when temperatures are already high enough for us to feel like swimming and sunbathing.

As you can see, our opening date overlaps with the end of the school year – and that, although you may not believe it, is an advantage. Firstly, because at a time when you have a lot of exams or school work to finish off the year, you can “get away” for a few hours at the park, and secondly, because it is possible for you to plan a getaway to Aqualandia with your whole class.

Aqualandia has an admission ticket scheme that fits all situations, and groups are one of those situations. Therefore, coming to Aqualandia with your class can be very affordable. Ask your teachers to get in touch with us to arrange a visit and purchase tickets.

Visiting Aqualandia with your school is the best way to wrap up the year, as your day at our park will be a day of fellowship and fun with all your school mates. You can all go around the park together or break up into groups as you prefer. The more daring can’t miss our famous Verti-Go, and for those who don’t like so much adrenaline, there are always the “doughnut” floaters of the Amazon attraction and the wave pool.

We can also arrange small competitions like, for example, to see who goes down the Smooth Slides the fastest. If you follow the advice of our lifeguards, you’ll know what the best way to go down is. And… the first one to the bottom wins!

Our catering services can arrange food for everyone.  We supply a range of snacks, combo meals, and fast food. Or, if you prefer, all of you can bring food from home and eat it together in the reserved picnic areas. We are sure that, since you’re having so much fun at the park, you’ll want the time you spend eating to be as short as possible; but, rest assured – the day is very long and you’ll have time to see everything at the park.

We know that our mascots are part of our park’s charm, so they will be waiting for you upon your arrival so that you can all take pictures with them. That photo could be a nice memory from an unforgettable day.

We will be at your disposal for anything you may need. We’ll give you information so that you can fully organize your visit and so that you feel as comfortable as possible and your day ends up being completely special.

And if you see that at the end of the year you haven’t got time to arrange for a day like this, don’t worry… during the month of September it’s still very hot, and Aqualandia will still be open. After all, it’s not such a bad idea to start off the new school year by getting to know your new mates amongst slides and swimming pools.

You deserve to share unique moments with your mates, and at Aqualandia we offer you an unforgettable experience. Don’t think about it twice and plan your visit today. Teachers, count on us for everything… we’ll surely give your students an unforgettable day. Remember, we’ll be waiting for you in just a few months.