Vertigo is a subjective feeling of movement of the objects surrounding us or our own body. It is usually a feeling of spinning. Vertigo is also known as being afraid of heights. It is normally an irrational fear which makes us feel bad, overwhelmed… It is usually the fear of falling down what make us feel blocked and which does not let us carry on normally.

Vertigo can prevent some people from visiting some places or enjoying attractions such as the ones we have in the water park Aqualandia. In fact, as many of you know, we have one attraction called like that: Verti-Go, as its height, speed and acceleration can make you feel that vertigo and dizzy feeling… But, above all, it makes you release adrenaline and have fun. It is one of our stars and we want you all to enjoy it, even though we understand that we are not all the same and it is ok if any of you do not feel well on these kinds of attractions.

However, if you are hesitating because you sometimes have a slight feeling of vertigo, you think it is too high and you feel overwhelmed, but a part of you want to enjoy Verti-Go and other of our most extreme water slides, here you have some advice to overcome your fears and vertigo:

  • Find out about the reason of your fear of heights, read and you will see that it is something you can overcome. It will help you understand how you feel.
  • Speak about it, sharing it will let you know other points of view and it will surely help you realize that we sometimes amplify things.
  • Relax: breath deep, send your mind away, do not focus on the height of the attraction or the place where you are.
  • Do not do all at once. Increase the height, difficulty and risk progressively. Start with more moderated attractions and once you feel comfortable there, try going to the most extreme ones.
  • Ask all your doubts. Lifeguards are not only there to control, but also to help and advise. They will solve your doubts about height, distance, speed, safety… Let them advise you.
  • Go with someone. In this life, everything is better in company, and above all difficult moments. Support is always good to face challenges and overcoming this fear is one of them. Do not hesitate, doing it along with someone you trust will always be better.
  • A timely retreat is always a victory. We are not here to suffer, overcoming our fears is ok. Surpassing yourself too. But it is not always possible or you may not be ready. And it is totally fine. Aqualandia has thousands of options to enjoy and have fun without experiencing the most extreme situations.

Relax in order to enjoy the moderated and extreme attractions, the swimming-pools, the water slides and sunbathing. There are always alternatives to have fun in Aqualandia, Benidorm.

We are waiting for you!