One of the best ways to enjoy the summer in the best of company is to spend the day at a water park… and what could be better than the attractions and services of Aqualandia?

But attractions and services are not the only thing that we can offer as, in addition to all of that, we want to ensure that your experience is as complete as possible, with our three recommended routes that exist depending upon who you come to the park with and what you wish to do at Aqualandia. There is a route for all tastes and preferences – because we are all different, but we all want to have fun.

Aqualandia is a very large park that has areas designed for everyone; thus, we recommend planning your visit to the park by choosing one of our three routes so that you can enjoy what you’re really looking for in the park and to make the most of your time. These are the three routes that we have laid out for you to be able to experience the attractions of Aqualandia that best fit your needs.

The first route is the Family Route.  As its name suggests, it is the perfect route for the many families with small children who visit us each and every day. Here, both adults and kids who want to have a great time surrounded by water, family fun, and entertainment can have a blast. In this route, the following attractions will be visited in this order: Adventureland, The Amazon, Black Hole, Geyser, Grand Jacuzzi Iguazu, Mini Zig-Zag, Niagara, The Wave Pool, The Smooth Slides, The Rapids, Splash, and, to finish, The Zig-Zag.

The second route is the Friends Route, which is ideal if you are coming to spend the day at Aqualandia with your group of friends and you want to have everything perfectly organized. Attractions of all kinds, some which are more radical and others of which are more moderate, are included in this planned route so that everyone can have a day full of good vibes. Along this route, the themes and the attractions change and include the following, which can be enjoyed in order: Adventureland, The Amazon, The Big Bang, Black Hole, The Geyser, Grand Jacuzzi Iguazu, The Lagoon, Niagara, The Wave Pool, The Smooth Slides, The Rapids, Splash, Verti-Go, and, to finish, The Zig-Zag.

The third and final route is for those who seek strong emotions, adrenaline, and excitement in a raw state. The Extreme Route is designed for a select few – the bravest souls. If you’re one of them, you’ll be able to experience the sensations and super thrills of: The Big Bang, The Lagoon, The Smooth Slides, The Rapids, Splash, Verti-Go, and, to finish, The Zig-Zag. In this route, the park’s most extreme attractions await you!

Our water park is for everyone and that’s why we offer you different possibilities to enjoy to the max. As you know, if you’re coming to spend a day with us this summer, these routes are made for you to enjoy the attractions of Aqualandia that are most suited to your style. Choose the route that best suits your tastes and the people who you visit us with; but, above all… come and see us and have a lot of fun!