Going to the gym, reading more, saving money… these are the typical resolutions that we make for the new year, aren’t they? Along with those resolutions, another one for this year can be to visit Aqualandia with the little ones!

Do you want your children to enjoy their summer vacations like never before? Then you’ve got another resolution for the year 2017!

We at Aqualandia –with more than 20 rides for visitors of all ages distributed over 150,000 square meters– continue to excitedly organize our next season so that your summer vacation is unique and you have fun like never before with the little ones in your house and the rest of your family. And, while there are still a few months before you can enjoy the summer, we want to use this post to share the children’s rides that are available at our park with you so that you can safely enjoy them to the max when you do decide to come and visit.

Family Vacation

Aqualandia is the ideal park to make both the big and small members of the family happy, and the little ones can enjoy water games and small slides. Would you like to know what rides children prefer?

Adventureland: a paradise especially designed for children. They’ll be able to enjoy slides, water guns, pools with balls, a kids’ maze, and a wide range of activities will leave them begging for more. It’s the perfect place for an unforgettable photo.

qué llevar parque de agua Aqualandia

The Amazon: a lazy river that invites you to enjoy a smooth ride – propelled by the water’s current – while floating on a “doughnut” flotation device. The little ones love it!

The attraction goes around the entire park and its path has a total distance of 350 meters for you to relax and let yourself be carried away. The attractions which are near the Amazon (just in case one of the parents wants to get away for a moment) are the wave wool, which is at the park’s center, the Big Bang and the Splash (moderate attractions), and the highest capsule slide in the world – the Verti-Go.

Aqualandia 2014

The Lagoon: an area full of trampolines, rings, walkways, ziplines, nets, etc. that is ideal for letting the little ones burn off steam.

* Those who don’t know how to swim can only use the outer portion of the Lagoon – except for the kid’s area, which can only be used by small children.


The Geyser: the perfect place to cool down peacefully in a fantastic environment full of small waterfalls and a large swimming pool for non-stop splashing!


The wave pool: a large pool where your children can have a blast.  It has both shallow and deep ends and waves.

Aqualandia’s wave pool is considered to be one of the park’s most emblematic attractions where visitors can enjoy the large, exciting artificial waves with their family.


Mini Zig-Zag: the little ones of the house can have as much fun as their older brothers or sisters by sliding down these slides with a slight slope – either alone or accompanied.


You can also check out the special route that we have prepared for family visits that has been specifically designed for families with children.

https://www.aqualandia.net/prepara-tu-visita/ ► Family Route

We must remind you that  Aqualandia has a great team of lifeguards who are specialized in the correct use of our attractions and in the safety aspects which surround said attractions.  Therefore, all of our rides –from the ones designed for children to the ones which are much stronger– have a professional team that watches out for our visitors’ safety at all times. If you ever have any type of doubt about anything about the park or its rides, we recommend that you talk to Aqualandia’s safety staff, who will help you with anything you need at any time.