Each year, thousands and thousands of people visit Aqualandia. You, our visitors, come from very different places, some of you are older and some are younger, you come with a group of friends or with your family.

There is a lot of variety amongst our visitors and we love that. But always, as is normally the case, there is one group of people that visits us most – our most loyal customers and regulars.

We are very interested in knowing the data about our visitors because we work for our customers and getting to know them well helps us to adapt what we offer to their tastes... the attractions, activities, restaurants, etc.  That’s why we do surveys – and we hope that if you receive one from us, you’ll lend us a hand by filling it out.

According to the surveys we’ve done, our main visitors are younger people. 42% of our customers are between 15 and 20 years old and between 26 and 30. Likewise, the age range that visits us less is from 46 to 50 years.

We also know that, our visitors are mainly Spanish and from nearby provinces: Alicante, Valencia, and Murcia. This is normal, as we are just a short drive or train ride away from you. But it is also very important to note that there are many British citizens who come to the park. In fact, the Spanish and British make up 79% of all our visitors.

As many British people visit our park, we are prepared for them. As you know, our staff speaks English and our meal schedule is very European.  Therefore, depending upon the customs of each one of our visitors, they can eat at the usual time and then continue to enjoy our attractions.

At Aqualandia, we must also take into account other aspects such as whether those who come to enjoy a day of water and fun are on vacation or not and, if so, the places where they can find accommodation. In this way, we can strengthen our marketing activities at the places where our visitors find lodging and, thus, provide information there about the park, ticket sales, etc.

Our latest surveys tell us that 89% of you, our visitors, come to Aqualandia on vacation and your favorite place to stay is Benidorm, the city in which we find ourselves. Most of you also come by car, but the bus that leaves you off right at the entrance of the park is also used quite frequently.

In addition, we’ve asked you how you found out about Aqualandia and, in this way, we can discover where you look for information and, therefore, how best to get our news, promotions, etc. out to you.  And, in this case, our visitors have told us that they have already come before or that their family or friends have recommended the park. We love to hear that, because it means that you were satisfied and you will return once again to experience amazing emotions with us and your friends. The press has also helped to make our visitors aware of us.

And, in our desire to get to know you a little better, we could not leave out knowing which Aqualandia attractions you like best – which ones make you crazy. Why? Well, to make them better and to know what we should install in future renovations and expansions, etc.  And yes, what our visitors most like is speed, by all means – but shared speed. The attraction that gets the best rating is our Smooth Slides attraction. What cool races you all have with your friends! The Smooth Slides are followed closely by the Rapids and our star of speed and adrenaline, the Verti-Go.

Will all this data, we can work up a profile of you, our visitors, and do our work a lot better. You are young, Spanish or British, you are on vacation, and you like speed with your family or friends.  Likewise, you typically recommend Aqualandia… and the fact is that you really do rate us very well and we have to thank you for that. Thanks a million, as 71% of you think that Aqualandia is excellent. You are the truly excellent ones, real aces!

You are all friends: the young and adventurous and also the older visitors and those who bring the family and kids. You are all important to us and we appreciate all of you and are looking forward to seeing you when we start the new season – a season with speed, water, relaxation, emotions, and a thousand more things.

We hope to see you very soon and, meanwhile, we’ll continue to work hard to be ready for the summer.