The Wave Pool: Aqualandia’s Sea

The Wave Pool: Aqualandia’s Sea



The Wave Pool: Aqualandia’s Sea

By Communications Department

Do you prefer the beach or the swimming pool? At Aqualandia, you can enjoy both in our wave pool.

The summer has been in full swing for a few months now but there are some of you who have not yet taken you coveted holidays and still haven’t decided on a destination. If we had to choose where to go, we wouldn’t think twice: Benidorm, with a visit to Aqualandia, the sea, the sun, the pool, the slides….

The pool and beach are both places everyone loves to visit. There are those who like to spend the day at the beach playing in the sea with the waves and the sand, and those who prefer the tranquility of the pool’s waters. But… what about those individuals who do not know what to choose? This choice turns into one of the most typical arguments that arises every summer. Why worry if you are able to enjoy the advantages of both the beach and the pool all at once?

You no longer have to worry because now, thanks to Aqualandia, you can enjoy the relaxation and safety of a swimming pool together with the movements and waves of the sea in our wave pool.

Aqualandia is a water park filled with numerous attractions of all kinds and, above all, for all ages; but, without a doubt, there is one attraction that stands out because both our older and younger visitors can make use of it and enjoy it. The Wave Pool is one of the most frequented and loved attractions in our park. Could that be because of the endless waves that run through the entire pool? Could it be because of its large size? Maybe because you feel as if you’re in the Mediterranean Sea?

It’s because of all that and much, much more!  The pool’s spectacular size and progressive depth will make you want to spend all day in this attraction’s waters. Tranquility and fun come together so that you can enjoy your day to the fullest.

The wave pool is known as Aqualandia’s Sea. You will feel as though you’re at the beach, but with the comfort of a pool and the fun of the waves. If you are looking to let the lunch you just ate settle a little or to protect yourself from the sun, the wave pool’s edges and its rest area with hammocks are perfect for doing just this, in addition to having the chance to swim in a calm sea. But if what you want is a super thrill, venture into the wave pool’s depths and you’ll get the chance to catch all the waves that you encounter along the way.

This is a moderate attraction that is especially apt for children – although our older visitors also can’t resist it. It is ideal to take a break from all the emotions experienced in our water park, leaving you to float through its gentle waves. Without a doubt, the fun that it guarantees will make you never want to leave it – and you’re sure to visit it again and again every time you come back to our park.

At Aqualandia, you won’t have to worry about a thing because we have everything prepared for you. Just come and enjoy!


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