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The Most Impressive Water Slides of the Planet

The Most Impressive Water Slides of the Planet



The Most Impressive Water Slides of the Planet

By Communications Department

Water slides are the main attractions at water parks.

Although it may seem unbelievable, the history of slides dates back to ancient times when they were used to transport tools for working – until an American inventor decided to put one on a lake. From that day on, their evolution has been enormous and we can now see slides at countless sites.

Undoubtedly, slides have been a part of our life since we were very small. There is no park or square without a slide, and in hot areas we see water slides in swimming pools or at places like Aqualandia. The slide has evolved a lot at water parks, picking up heights and shapes that are ever more extreme, increasing the risk and the fun.

Around the world there are hundreds and hundreds of slides at water parks that each seek to awaken new emotions. However, not all of them are equal, and not all can be categorized as the most entertaining and daring of the planet.

We already spoke a while ago of the best and most original water parks of the world, but now we are interested not in the whole of the park but in one single element that is so significant and that we like so much: water slides. And we have found a very interesting group of water slides because of their risk, because of their height, their location, the way you go down them, etc.

We have found a couple of articles on the subject, such as this one by the Diario Información Newspaper or this one by ABC, and all of them mention the Verti-Go. Thank you, as for us it is an honor to be mentioned amongst to the best water slides in the world, and it is true that Verti-Go is one of our most special features – one of the attractions that you, our visitors, like best… an attraction unlike any other in the world.

In these rankings, we find slides from as far away as Kansas City. At the Schlitterbahn Waterpark there is the Verrückt slide, which was the highest in the world, measuring over 51 meters. The fall was in a raft that could hold three people, but the ride is currently closed due to an accident.

Another one of the most impressive slides in the world is also in America, but in South America – specifically in Brazil. The Kilimanjaro is the next highest after the slide at Schlitterbahn, and it is the highest actively working slide. It measures 49.9 meters and its riders reach a speed of up to 100 kilometers per hour during the fall.

Also in Brazil is Aquiraz, a water slide with a height of 40 meters that is located at the Beach Park Water Park. Four seconds of descent at more than 100 kilometers per hour make it another attraction that is only for the brave.

In Venice, there is a park whose name is the same as ours, Aqualandia. And there, there is a slide measuring 42 meters whose name is Captain Spacemaker. Like the Verrückt, riders go down it in rafts.  In this case, three or four people per raft can reach speeds of up to 100 kilometers per hour.

In Italy, we also find some very original slides. In the city of Città del Mare, there are some slides with three levels of descent and swimming pools that culminate in the sea. It’s a unique attraction.

These and many other slides can be found around the world. Original, fast, fun, unique… Research is also part of this form of entertainment, and water parks invest in research to offer new rides and attractions that are more innovative and daring each day.

Our latest investment has been Verti-Go, the highest capsule slide in the world – only for adrenaline junkies. In just a few months, you’ll once again be able to enjoy it.


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