The attractions at Aqualandia are our main claim to fame, and that makes sense: we have the most fun, varied, and exciting attractions you can find.

As we have explained on other occasions, in 1985 Aqualandia opened and, since then, it has been not only one of the largest water parks in the world but also one of the parks with the most attractions and services and the best customer care. At that time, Aqualandia had a total of ten attractions for all types of visitors, which we have expanded on over time to offer new and more up-to-date sensations.

Many of you only known the park as it is now, but the older ones amongst us remember its beginnings – when it was a little smaller and had less attractions. The green areas have grown, the services have been expanded and, of course, the attractions have too.  Having said that, we have preserved our historical attractions – those which made Aqualandia become known as our country’s great expert in water leisure.

In Aqualandia’s first years of life, the customers had fun on the Wave Pool what we called the wave pool back then, a swimming pool with progressive depth and artificial waves. Peace and relaxation were also present in the pioneer attractions, in this case the Amazon – a lazy river with a gentle current for visitors to simply ride down or sit nearby and chat. The Zig-Zag and the Kamikaze were also part of Aqualandia’s history, with those twisted paths that went straight down to link fun with a refreshing zig-zag pattern and that tall, high-speed slide made for releasing adrenaline.

As if it was taken out of the most authentic film scene, the Niagara is another of the top ten original attractions of the park. It recreates a pristine beach for you to glide through calm or intense waters like an adventurer. For the more athletic and active, there is also an exclusive classic attraction that they will love. In the Lagoon they can enjoy numerous trampolines, rings, walkways, zip lines, nets, etc. Also part of the collection of historic attractions that belong to Aqualandia are the Geyser and the Grand Jacuzzi, characterized by being wonderful places to cool off and relax.

The little ones of the group also have had their own special attractions since our park’s beginning. In Adventureland, everything was designed for them. Their restless spirits could really shine through there with the slides, water guns, pools with balls, a kids’ maze, and a wide range of related activities. In addition, they also enjoyed a family classic: the Rapids. As a preliminary step before experiencing stronger sensations, the Mini Zig-Zag is another attraction that catered to the most intrepid children… and it’s Ideal for smaller children to have fun like adults!

But that wasn’t everything. As the years have passed, new attractions have been added to Aqualandia to satisfy all types of visitors. When were the rest added? What are they like?

The Smooth Slides were added in 1987 – an attraction with five fast lanes that are side by side to provide a refreshing race to be enjoyed amongst friends. The Black Hole came in 1993 and it is one of the attractions that were especially designed for lovers of adventure and those who get pleasure from the unknown. You have to experience it for yourself!

Big Bang is 15 years old and is from 2002.  It’s an attraction that is unique in all of Europe and which allows you to go down a set of four slides that will provide you with the most exciting free-fall sensations. In that same year, Splash was added – a multi-track ride designed to be enjoyed with your family or in a group. And, lastly, the famous and popular Verti-Go, which was added in 2013.  Verti-Go is the name of a set of slides that measure 28 and 33 meters in height, respectively. The 33-meter slide is the highest in Europe and the highest capsule slide in the world. Verti-Go allows the visitor to slide down the attraction in just 3 seconds.

The number of attractions at Aqualandia has grown over the years, as well as the number of services – although the park area itself has always been the same, because from the first day it was designed as a large park with room to grow and grow.

With this heat, you have surely already planned a visit to Aqualandia – and if you have not done so, what are you waiting for? Our historic and our modern attractions are waiting for you.