The Adrenaline Rush: Why do we Like It So Much?

The Adrenaline Rush: Why do we Like It So Much?



The Adrenaline Rush: Why do we Like It So Much?

By Communications Department

Adrenaline: it’s a word that we hear many times, especially when we talk about situations of tension, risk, and extreme attractions.

But… do we know what adrenaline is and why we like it so much?

At Aqualandia, we have attractions rated as extreme or radical where, as we have always said, you release a lot of adrenaline. That’s why we thought that it would be a good idea to explain a little about what attractions will give you the biggest thrills.

Without getting too scientific, after all we’re a leisure water park and not a science center, we can say that adrenaline is a hormone that is produced in situations in which one is nervous or stressed. When people face situations of danger, adrenaline is released, causing increased heart rate, constricting blood vessels and dilating the airways. The aim of the adrenaline hormone when it alters our body in this way is to increase blood flow to our muscles and the amount of oxygen that goes to our lungs. This prepares us for possible flight, and to be more alert.

In addition, adrenaline stimulates the release of dopamine in our nervous system. That is to say, it contributes to the release of a substance that causes a feeling of wellbeing. Once everything has happened and the risk has been eliminated, the sensation of pleasure and peace can be quite noticeable.

The effects of adrenaline in the body can create addiction for many people. Putting your body at the limit is enjoyable and a lot of people need that feeling, just as they need the relaxation that comes afterwards. However, of course, those limits are not the same for everyone, and what for some people is normal, for others is a situation of risk.

On our website, as you all know (and if not, we invite you to go check it out), our attractions are classified by intensity and intended audience: for children, moderate, and radical. This classification is standard, although the fact that an attraction is moderate or radical can be a bit subjective. Fear and emotions cannot be controlled and they are not equal for all… So, exactly which attractions release more adrenaline is a little relative; and that’s no problem.

What we do know for sure is that if any of our attractions are designed for adrenaline junkies, that would be Verti-Go.  We know we have already mentioned it many times but, how could we not do so? Those who go down this attraction reach a gravitational acceleration of above 100 km/h. It’s the highest capsule slide in Europe: nothing more and nothing less than 33 meters in height. Screaming when you go down it is normal – your adrenaline skyrockets. And of course, when everything is over, when it is all said and done, when you’re safe and sound in the swimming pool… that feeling of peace comes and the whole body relaxes.

Yes, adrenaline junkies, Verti-Go will be your favorite place at Aqualandia. We’ve created it for you, as well as for those looking for a new challenge, because… is falling from such a height not a challenge?

But, as we have already said, adrenaline skyrockets in many situations: fear, stress, etc., and for each one of us these sensations are produced by a different stimulus. That’s why there are other attractions that will surely make more than one of our visitors let off some adrenaline, such as our Big–Bang – a unique attraction with four slides that will give you a spectacular free-fall feeling. We love free falls… that feeling of falling, floating….  it’s like no other!

Adrenaline stimulates us, it relaxes us, it creates addiction… If it is a part of your life, you must come to Aqualandia.

We’ll be waiting for you in a few months to enjoy the water, the sun, the speed, and the heights. Don’t miss it!


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