Thank you for Being part of the Aqualandia Online Community

Thank you for Being part of the Aqualandia Online Community



Thank you for Being part of the Aqualandia Online Community

By Communications Department

The year is ending! And that is why we’d like to share with you a small summary of some of our favorite comments that you’ve shared via Aqualandia’s social media pages throughout the last season. Shall we take a look?

We’re saying goodbye to 2016 and we’re looking forward to the arrival of 2017; after all, the closer we get to good weather, the sooner we can start the 2017 Season.

That’s why we’ve gathered some of the comments that you’ve shared with us via the different social networks through posts, opinions, recommendations, by participating in giveaways, etc.  Your comments have encouraged us and motivated us so that our work and effort allow you to enjoy Aqualandia to the max while also staying safe. Thanks a million!

Of all the social networks on which we have a presence, Facebook is the one that stands out above the rest, given the high level of participation that said platform yields – in terms of the number of comments, replies, and number of times that posts are shared. Of the contents posted during the 2016 season, the posts you most participated in were the raffles for two admissions tickets, and those posts related with the park’s star attraction: Verti-Go.

Have you joined in the discussion on our social networks? Here are some of the comments:

  • “Thank you to all of you! Thanks to your raffle on Facebook, we were able to enjoy a great day in a spectacular waterpark…. a park that we left already thinking about going back next year.  So, see you soon! And we hope you do the raffle again!!”
  • “The first year it was called Aqualand. I remember it as if it were yesterday. How much fun I had. And, since then, I usually go every year. There was a dolphin aquarium at the right of the park. I had my first waffle there.”
  • “I was also one of the first visitors in 1985, when I was just 10 years old… and now that I’m 41, I visit the park every year with my children. And do we ever have fun!”
  • “The lifeguards at AQUALANDIA Benidorm are the best!!”
  • “An incredible park with magnificent water rides… I’ve enjoyed them since I was a little girl and now I love to go down the Black Hole, to be in the Niagara attraction, in the Wave Pool, and on the Smooth Slides. I still haven’t tried the new attractions, but they say they’re a blast!! I’d love to enjoy them with my family.”
  • “Spending a day at Aqualandia is magical. Especially if you go with your family, friends, etc.”
  • “Verti-Go is the attraction that wakes up the most extreme sensations. Surely more than one of your visitors has had to take a few deep breaths before going down. But one thing’s for sure, once you finally do muster up the courage to go down… it will blow you away!!”
  • “Fantastic.  We’re from Almansa and we were there June 27 and everything was great. The lifeguards were phenomenal with us. My nephew wasn’t going down the right way and the staff members were very kind and told him how he had to do it. We go every summer and this year one of the female lifeguards remembered us from the year before. We’ll be back.”


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