People living in the area know first-hand the Sierra Helada, but for all of you who do not, today we are telling you about this beautiful natural park.

Talking about Aqualandia is not only talking about the first water park in Spain, unique attractions, adrenaline, fun and a unique history but it is also talking about Benidorm, the sun and good weather, about special landscapes and tourists coming from all over the world…

And, of course, it is talking about the Natural Park in the Sierra Helada where Aqualandia is located and fits perfectly. The park and its attractions are adapted to the orography of this natural space which is so appreciated by the inhabitants of the area and all the people who come to discover it.

Sierra Helada is located between Benidorm and Alfaz del Pi and is around 6 kilometres long, it is located close to the Mediterranean Sea and its beautiful and magnificent cliffs of up to 300 meters high are remarkable. Opposite the

Sierra Helada, Benidorm Island can be seen, which reveals the structural continuity of the mountains.

This natural area is the most important green zone in Benidorm and it attracts tourists who love hiking, outdoor sports and nature. The orography of the area is very special and the fact that there are both sea and mountains in a few meters confers this region a unique character which allows a flow of visitors higher than in other sun-and-beach destinations nearby. With this situation, building a centre of aquatic leisure such as Aqualandia was an opportunity we could not waste.

The vegetation on the Sierra Helada or Serra Gelada as it is called in the Valencian language, the native language of the region, is very valuable. This place has a great deal of plant species among which we can highlight a significant number of protected species which make up two microreserves of flora. The trees which grow in this area are mainly pines.

At a sea level there is also a significant reserve with large meadows of Posidonia and Cymodocea, caves and reefs. The sea population is composed of fish, crustaceans and other invertebrates. It is an area in which fishing is highly practised.

For animal lovers, the Sierra Helada offers a wide range of seabirds with species such as the Audouin seagull or the European shag. There are also birds of prey such as the peregrine falcon.

The Sierra Helada is a beautiful place of which we are very proud, an area to go for a walk and enjoy nature and sea views. It is an area where you can let you go and find yourself. And after such relaxation, there is nothing better than enjoying some unique fun without moving far, with the things we like the most: water slides, swimming-pools, falls, rapids, adrenaline …

Aqualandia is waiting for you. We start the new season in two months. Benidorm, the Sierra Helada and we are eager to welcome you.