What Should I Take to Spend a Day in a Water Park?

What Should I Take to Spend a Day in a Water Park?



What Should I Take to Spend a Day in a Water Park?

By Communications Department

Spending a day at a water park is an adventure for your family and group of friends. It’s a special day in which fun will be present at all times. You’ll spend many hours out of your house in which your only worry will be to enjoy; therefore, it’s important to go well-equipped.

Before your visit to the water park, be sure to read up on its hours, means of transport, and ticket sales. At many water parks, as is the case of Aqualandia, the admission tickets can be bought online. This is a convenient and fast way to get your tickets and avoid lines. Additionally, this type of sale has added benefits such as special offers — like Aqualandia’s special opening offer of a 25% discount on tickets purchased in May.

Once you have decided when to go (we recommend that you get there as early as possible), the mode of transport to use, and you have the tickets, you must do a little preparation so as to have everything that you may need throughout the day with you so that you don’t forget anything that would ruin the action-packed, adventurous day at the water park.

The most important thing is to bring your bathing suit and a towel to dry off with when you are going to leave the park, as well as a change of clothes, as you’ll be in the water all day long and won’t have time to let your bathing suit dry before you get in your car or on the bus. The best types of footwear for a day at the water park would be flip flops, jelly sandals, or water shoes. Personal taste plays a role when choosing your footwear, but if you don’t like to go barefoot, use a water shoe that attaches firmly to your feet and this will keep you from losing it on the slides and the attractions.

Another important element in your backpack for the park should be sunscreen. The sun is very damaging to the skin, especially when your skin is wet.  Therefore, it’s a good idea to always use sunscreen, especially around your face and shoulders. By applying sunscreen every 3 hours, you’ll more or less avoid ending your fun day with pain and a red, lobster-like color. You should also protect your eyes — especially those who have lighter-colored eyes and for whom light is more bothersome.  Don’t forget your sunglasses.

To protect yourself from the sun, there is one more garment that can be your ally: a hat or cap. This will help you to keep too much sun from getting into your eyes and it will keep your head from getting too hot. Those who don’t stop in the water may not need a hat so much, but for time spent outside the water resting or eating, a hat is great.

When it’s time to recharge your batteries, there is a wide range of possibilities.  Don’t forget your wallet and be ready to be hungry after so many hours of water fun. Bars and restaurants with foods and snacks will satisfy your hunger and refuel your body so that you can continue with your day.

Once all of that is inside your backpack, the rest is secondary in nature, but we imagine that you’ll want to remember the day that you went down a slide as surprising as the Verti-Go, so take your camera or telephone — and if you have a special waterproof sleeve, all the better. You can also take music for the moments you’re lying in the sun.

If you love doing sport, you may wish to sign up for the great number of guided activities that are offered by water parks. Not all these activities are done in the pools — some are land activities. Don’t forget proper footwear.

With all this, you’ll be fully equipped for an unforgettable water-filled day of fun. And if you happen to forget something, don’t worry.  You can find whatever you need at all water parks. Aqualandia offers shops where you can find sandals, hats, sunscreen, and towels. Likewise, they also sell souvenirs.

And, the most important of all: don’t forget your smile and your desire to have a great, great time.


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