They’re There for your Safety: Aqualandia’s Lifeguards

They’re There for your Safety: Aqualandia’s Lifeguards



They’re There for your Safety: Aqualandia’s Lifeguards

By Communications Department

Aqualandia has a great group of professionally trained lifeguards who additionally have first aid training to ensure that you can enjoy our park with utmost safety each season.

The figure of the lifeguard is very important at water parks, as many lives can be saved during the summer season. That’s why Aqualandia’s Lifeguard Department trains all year round to keep themselves physically fit and be 100% ready when the new season starts.

What does a lifeguard do?

The term “lifeguard” can be defined as “the person trained to provide assistance in the event of an accident, especially in the water.”  At Aqualandia, our lifeguards are not only in charge of watching out for swimmers while they are visiting our park, they also provide information on dangers and ensure that the park’s safety rules are complied with and that all facilities are correctly used, amongst many other things.

What qualities does a lifeguard need to have?

To be a good lifeguard, in addition to having the training required to undertake the job, we at Aqualandia believe that lifeguards must have a series of traits, values, and attitudes, such as:

  • Good physical preparedness: our lifeguards must be able to correctly respond to any emergency that arises.
  • Good mental preparedness: being confident is paramount in order to avoid going into “panic mode” if a rescue needs to take place or if first aid needs to be administered.
  • Lifeguards must be expert swimmers and divers.
  • Lifeguards must love their work and be responsible: they must be altruistic and willing to watch out for, cooperate with, and protect others.
  • They must be empathetic, kind, and good communicators.
  • They have to have theoretical and practical knowledge on water rescues.
  • They must have positive attitudes, be respectful, and be dedicated to their profession, their mates, and our guests.
  • They must be proactive (attentive, active).

Physical Preparation during the Winter

In the winter, lifeguards must take advantage of the time by updating their knowledge and acquiring additional training on water rescue.  In general, those who are lifeguards do different things to keep in shape, such as running, swimming, etc. – anything necessary to keep themselves fit and to be able to provide the best possible service to swimmers during the summer season.

Aqualandia’s Team of Lifeguards

At Aqualandia, we have a great team of lifeguards because safety is our priority. Throughout the season, our lifeguards train regularly in the Park to keep themselves in shape and be able to respond quickly and effectively when faced with any situation that requires their presence. These physical exercises consist of going up the Big Bang while carrying a mate, climbing up the Smooth Slides, doing races around the inside of the park, etc.  The best water park in Europe has spectacular training sessions.

Although the Aqualandia lifeguards are there to help you remember the rules on how to use the attractions (remember that, for your safety, the rules must be followed at all times), here is a list of the Park’s Rules so that you can brush up on them and enjoy the Park next season with full peace of mind.


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