For decades, many foreigners have opted for Spain as their vacation destination.  Within Spain, the Valencian Community is an undisputed touristic center and thousands of people decide –especially in the summer months– to enjoy its good weather, the Mediterranean Sea, the good food, and –of course– the leisure that this wonderful region has to offer.

The three Provinces which make up the Valencian Community have their own characteristics which make them unique and especially attractive to be visited separately: beaches, historic monuments, tucked-away spots, restaurants where delicious Mediterranean food can be tasted, etc.  In addition to all of these things, the Community takes maximum advantage of the climate, which helps to influence the different leisure options — and one of those options that comes back year after year are its water parks.

In the Valencian Community, you can find a wide range of these places, some of which are larger and some of which are smaller, depending on the types of activities that you want to do and your vacation budget. The approximately 10 parks that the Community has to offer are distributed throughout all of its Provinces and Municipalities. In Castellón and Valencia, for example, we can find 3 parks and 1 park, respectively.  The Province of Alicante has the widest range — with 4 water parks.

These are places which are usually demanded by families and by couples or groups of friends, as they are meeting places in which there are no space limitations.  Many of the attractions can be used together in a group and you can even bring your own food in the majority of these parks. This is true for the Aqualandia Water Park, located in Benidorm (Province of Alicante).

Aqualandia became, in 1985, the first water park in Spain and it now has more than 30 years’ experience in the sector. Since its opening, it has gradually grown both in terms of attractions and in terms of services offered to customers — always having the main goal to provide its patrons with fun and safety.

The success of Aqualandia lies in many things, of which its opening date and hours are noteworthy. In terms of its opening date, this 2016, the park will be opened on May 28 — something which means that everyone who starts their vacations during the month of June can perfectly plan their visit.  The park is open from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM to offer more hours of fun — something which is not true of all the area’s parks. The good climate of Alicante makes this park remain open for more days than many other similar parks.

This famous water park, which is both mythical and well-known in the province, is the perfect complement to other summer leisure activities, remembering that it is easy to buy ticket packages which include admission to other parks in the area, as well as to get a water park + hotel package.