The Aqualandia Water Park has numerous attractions which adapt to all types of people who visit the park. On the one hand, you can experience emotions and adrenaline with the radical attractions — designed for adults who like strong emotions. On the other hand, Aqualandia also is characterized by a more relaxed, low-intensity attraction type — these are perfect to have a relaxing day with your family.

If you prefer a little bit of calm and rest after so much adrenaline, the best options are the relaxing attractions, amongst which we find the Amazon attraction, which allows one to take a soft ride –propelled by the water’s current– while floating atop a “doughnut” flotation device.  You just have to let yourself be carried away!

Thanks to this attraction, you can travel the entire park.  That’s perfect for those days of intense heat in which you can go from ride to ride by floating down the soft current of the Amazon, in addition to enjoying the countless plant species that cover the sides of the attraction, giving it a tropical touch which transports many to magical places.

The attraction goes around the entire park and its path is similar to that of an athletics track, with a total distance of 350 meters for you to relax and let yourself be carried away. The attractions which are near the Amazon are the Wave Pool, which is at the park’s center, the moderate attractions Big-Bang and Splash, and the highest capsule slide in the world — the Verti-Go.

The Amazon allows you to have an authentic relaxation experience, visiting the park from another angle, swimming atop a flotation device, speaking and enjoying your time with the most special of company — your family and your friends.

As this attraction is in our kid’s category, everyone can access it; however, you must remember that the little ones have to be accompanied by an adult if they are less than 1.20 meters tall. Additionally, at Aqualandia we want everyone to have fun equally and that’s why, if we are visited by an individual with functional diversity, we have water wheelchairs for the activity to be enjoyed so that, in this way, nothing stops our guests from having a fun and relaxing day at the water park.

Aqualandia has numerous lifeguards who are specialized in the correct use of our attractions and in the safety aspects which surround said attractions.  Therefore, all of our attractions –from the ones designed for children to the ones which are much stronger– have a professional team that watches out for our visitors’ safety at all times. If you ever have any type of doubt about anything in relationship with the park or its rides, we recommend that you talk to Aqualandia’s safety staff who will help you with anything you need at any time.

Still, Aqualandia is not only characterized by the number of attractions it has (it has a lot, by the way); instead, it also offers specific services and spaces to improve your stay at our park. Aqualandia has restaurant areas, souvenir shops, a barbecue, pizza shop, flotation devices, hammocks, and numerous kiosks where you can enjoy the best sweet and savory snacks.