An essential checklist to spend one day in Aqualandia

An essential checklist to spend one day in Aqualandia

An essential checklist to spend one day in Aqualandia



An essential checklist to spend one day in Aqualandia

By Communications Department

Your visit to Aqualandia may be an unforgettable adventure.

Therefore, you must bring all the necessary things to the park so that absolutely nothing can ruin this experience. We only want you to worry about having fun with your friends and family during your day in Aqualandia. Thus, we give you some recommendations to be well-equipped in a water park.

The most important thing for a day of water fun is the swimsuit and the towel in order to get dried before leaving the park. On the other hand, you should not forget some spare clothes, since you will spend the whole day in the water and maybe your swimsuit has not dried before getting into the car or bus when you go back home. We want you to enjoy up to the last second of fun in Aqualandia, so the first thing you should do is to find a comfortable swimsuit to enjoy all the attractions. It is highly recommendable to use the clothes which better fit your body, without decorations or accessories which may scratch or damage you or which may hook on anywhere. For women, a swimsuit is better than a bikini, but it is always your choice.

You will probably visit Aqualandia on a sunny and warm day, but if in doubt, we recommend checking the weather forecasts to avoid surprises. Although you will spend most of your time dressed in a swimsuit, we recommend bringing light comfortable clothes so that the sun of Benidorm does not become our enemy. The most appropriate footwear to spend a day in our park is flip flops or jelly shoes. Although some of you may prefer to walk barefoot, we recommend bringing some beach shoes or special water footwear which hold your feet tight so you can go from one attraction to another without any problem and enjoy every moment inside the park.

A ‘must’ that you have surely thought about is a backpack in which you can put all the necessary things. The first thing you must put in your backpack is sunscreen to avoid sunburns which may ruin your day. Another good method to protect yourself from the sun is to wear a hat or a cap. We are sure that this item will end up becoming your best ally. Of course, you cannot forget to protect your eyes, above all, people with light-coloured eyes which are more sensitive to light. So, remember to bring your sunglasses.

We are sure you will like to immortalize such a special day. Therefore, do not forget at home your cameras and mobile phones to share your experience in your social networks. However, technology and water were never good friends, so we recommend protecting your devices with special waterproof cases to avoid any accident.

With all these things you will be totally equipped to spend a day of water fun. And if you forget anything at home, do not worry, as you can find everything necessary in the park to have an unforgettable experience. Aqualandia has a service of shops where you can buy caps, sunscreen or towels, which apart from getting you out of any trouble, they may also be used as souvenirs.

The only thing you should not forget is your wishes to have fun!


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