History of the Jacuzzi: One of Our Favorite Places to Relax

History of the Jacuzzi: One of Our Favorite Places to Relax



History of the Jacuzzi: One of Our Favorite Places to Relax

By Communications Department

Aqualandia is the best place to have fun with your family and friends but also to relax and enjoy, and our Grand Jacuzzi Iguazú is the best attraction for you to do just that.

We have pools, slides of all sizes, heights, and shapes, exciting attractions, and a great team of staff members who contribute to the fun never stopping.

The summer days are very long and they have room for everything: fun, relaxation, food, dancing, chats, etc.  The sun takes a long time to go down and Aqualandia is open many hours so that you don’t miss a thing and the day can be as full as possible. That’s why, amongst our attractions and facilities, we have not only options that test your adrenaline and with which to have fun, but also options to relax.

As we’ve already mentioned, the best place to rest and relax at our water park is the Grand Jacuzzi Iguazú – a large space full of water with jets and bubbles. Who doesn’t like a dip in a jacuzzi? Nobody can resist, and it’s interesting to discover how the first jacuzzi got into our lives. Here’s how….

The first jacuzzi was invented during the early decades of the twentieth century by a set of Italian brothers whose surname was Jacuzzi. The son of one of them suffered from various diseases that required hydrotherapy as a treatment, and they got the idea of putting a pump into the hydrotherapy tub to help cure the child. Thus, the invention was born under the family surname.

The first pump model, the start of the jacuzzi, was the J-300. Years later, in 1968, one of the brothers revised that model and created a tub with built-in jets and a hydro-massage system – a model that is much more similar to what we understand as a jacuzzi today.

The success of this invention grew and evolved over the years and so did the invention itself – always with the aim of seeking wellbeing and health.  After many years, it became not just a tool to treat certain ailments but yet another way to relax and enjoy.

The brand by these Italian brothers has more than 250 patents, almost all of which are technology patents and many of which are tied to wellbeing.

History always surprises us and it is easy to see how coincidences and misfortunes sometimes give way to inventions that make our daily lives much better. Water has always been used to cure, but what the Jacuzzi brothers couldn’t imagine was that years later, the entire world would be familiar with their invention and enjoy it in many different ways. Many private homes have a jacuzzi and at water parks like Aqualandia there are very large ones.

Wellbeing was the goal of these inventors, and it is also ours. We offer you leisure, laughter, unforgettable moments, and –of course– relaxation in the water with the bubbles of our Grand Jacuzzi Iguazú.


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