Goodbye to Another Fantastic Season

Goodbye to Another Fantastic Season



Goodbye to Another Fantastic Season

By Communications Department

For yet another year, the saddest moment has arrived – although it is also one that fills us with even more pride: the season’s end at Aqualandia.

We once again say goodbye to summer, and it’s now the 32nd year that we’ve offered tons of water fun. A year in which our ‘Water Fun Festival’ has exceeded expectations and has gone a step further. A season that would not be possible without all of you: the hardcore fans, the newcomers, and those who occasionally come to visit us at our park.

Since we opened our doors in 1985, many things have happened. We were pioneers and we are the largest water park in Europe – and that is both a responsibility and a challenge. A challenge that we have to overcome when, each spring, we open our doors in order to be, for about four months, a leading leisure center in the Valencian Community.

Aqualandia has become a must-visit summer destination.  Year after year, hundreds of thousands of visitors have enjoyed our attractions: from those which are full of adrenaline and on the cutting edge in the sector, to those which are more for the family, for children, and –of course– for relaxation. The range of activities we offer is as varied as the types of visitors who come to enjoy our park and who, for yet another year, have helped us to beat records.  So many of you have wanted to have fun with us…

Yet another year, Aqualandia has had the attendance of neighbors, tourists, etc…. but also visiting us have been those individuals and groups who have left an important mark on us and have helped to strengthen the park’s reputation as a great water leisure center beyond our borders.

During the month of June, the right back of Deportivo Alavés, Kiko Femenía, dared to go down our slides, as well as two great first-division referees –Juan and Miguel Martínez Munuera– who were accompanied by Alberto Undiano Mallenco and Fernández Borbalá. The football world returned to us a few days later, as Pedro Leon, a player from SD Eibar, was also with us having an unforgettable day.

We have always received the different media outlets with affection, and this season we had the pleasure of a visit from the program ‘Alicante en la Onda’ (‘Alicante on Onda Cero Radio’), hosted by Luz Sigüenza of Onda Cero Radio. Thank you for telling so many people about the park’s news.

In addition, we had the visit of some internationally-known bloggers, leading tourism journalists, and very well-known personalities in both TV and film who, attracted by the event’s flawless reputation, did not want to forgo the opportunity to enjoy the ‘Water Fun Festival’ in first person.

And, between days and days of fun and a lot of hard work, we learned that once more we were rated as one of the best water parks of Europe and of Spain. This is something that does justice to our extensive history and background and that would not be possible without you. Thank you!

And, once again this year, we have had to say goodbye to you as the season ends at Aqualandia. We have to put aside the days in the sun having fun with the kids in Adventureland, the most daring drops of Verti-Go, and the great moments of laughter on the Smooth Slides or the Rapids. For a few months, we won’t be thinking of how we relaxed in the Jacuzzi and the good times that we had while recharging our batteries in the restaurants…. But, let us be clear, this is not a “goodbye” but instead a “see you later” – as you and we will see each other again when winter is over. And, in the meantime, the team at Aqualandia will work hard to make that the summer of 2018 exceeds this one and offers you moments that you can never forget.

See you next summer!


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