Goodbye 2017: Thank you for Being on the Other Side of the Screen - Entradas y Promociones en Aqualandia Benidorm

Goodbye 2017: Thank you for Being on the Other Side of the Screen

Goodbye 2017: Thank you for Being on the Other Side of the Screen



Goodbye 2017: Thank you for Being on the Other Side of the Screen

By Communications Department

At Aqualandia, we wrap things up and say goodbye twice a year.

Once, as is logical, when we finish the season, and again when the calendar year ends. Ending a year and rolling over to a new one is always special, it’s a time to look back and also to aim our sights towards the future.

In this 2017, we would like to thank you for all of the hours and hours shared at our park. The emotions experienced, the fears and the adrenaline released. The laughter and tears, the love and the heartbreak – because at our park, everything has its place. A season that was great and that we enjoyed to the max with you. Once more, thank you.

But not only do we share moments of sun and water, we also share much, much more. After all, throughout the whole year we are together with you via the screen. You are part of a great community that it is made up of our social networks, we have over 160,000 friends. That’s a figure that fills us with joy and pride that keeps on growing day in and day out.

But you are also there reading this blog, listening to what we want to tell you and leaving comments about anything that moves you, that you like, or that you dislike. And we want to keep it that way, we love having you on the other side of the screen.

We ask of 2018 that it be a little like 2017. We want it to bring us more friends, many hours of sun, more thrills, and tons of fun. We want to scream as we slide down the Verti-Go and relax in the Grand Jacuzzi. We hope that the waves of our wave pool never drown out our emotions, and that the current of the Amazon leads us to fulfill our dreams.

We promise to continue working in order to offer you the best in water fun so that your holidays in Benidorm are unforgettable. In that way, more than 30 years later, we hope to remain a leader in the history of entertainment in Spain and in your life.

Dear 2017, we say goodbye to you with the great satisfaction of a job well done. We know that 2018 will bring a lot of good things and some surprises, and that there, on the other side of the screen, all our friends will continue to follow us – and we do consider all of you as friends with which to share and experience super thrills.

Happy New Year from the entire team here at Aqualandia!


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