We have closed the doors of our water park after a busy summer – a summer in which you had so much fun and we had even more. After all, it is a pleasure for us to offer you the best fun year after year.

We strive every season to continue to be a leader and, when these dates come, as we’ve already said, we are a little sad.

But the sadness is also hope for the next year, and in order for us to have a season in 2018 that is even better than this one, we have to wrap up this one well. We need to pick up and prepare for the winter that is coming and from which our park cannot escape. Even though Aqualandia is in Benidorm, there are months in which we get cold weather and rain… and we have to be prepared.

We’re going to be closed for several months, but that doesn’t mean that we won’t be busy doing things. In fact, for those months in which our attractions and facilities are not open to the public, it is necessary to undertake special care.

The first thing we do once the season ends is to say goodbye to the mates that we won’t see until the good weather returns, as well as to organize the team that will be left in charge of picking up, organizing, fixing, and maintaining the park. And, of course, we also organize our security team, which protects the park throughout the entire year. In addition, our sales, marketing, leadership, and management teams never stop working to improve Aqualandia and get its message out to all of you.

The time has come to put away all the movable elements that are usually around our water park: umbrellas, hammocks, tables, chairs, bulletin boards, product displays, etc.  We gather them up to protect them from the rain, the wind, and the cold. We do inventory on them, we repair those that have defects, and we replace those that are in poor repair. They will be kept in our warehouses until it’s time for them to be used again.

Once we have picked up the entire park, it needs to be cleaned.  Cleaning is something that is done daily, but once we’re closed to the public, it is a much more thorough clean. The cleanup work will be ongoing throughout the winter. The deep clean gets to all corners of the park and that includes our swimming pools… this is the time to empty them and clean them well.

In addition to the cleaning, we have to protect and treat some of our park’s elements. We’ll cover different pieces of infrastructure with plastic and paper to protect them from adverse weather conditions that can damage and rust them.  It will also be the time to re-paint and put Vaseline on some of our attractions. By doing so, when spring arrives everything will be in perfect shape.

Our technicians review every attraction, changing parts and making repairs and improvements. Reviews are constant, and they are done quite thoroughly when the time comes to open – but we’ll talk about that later.

Our green areas are also very important; thus, our gardening team performs cleanups and pruning frequently. Depending on the type of tree or plant, different actions are carried out for the colder months. At certain times during these months that the park is closed we also plant new species and repot or replant those that have been damaged.

Once everything is all picked up, packaged, treated, and ready for the months of inactivity, it’s time to start with the major changes. Things like doing construction on the establishments, asphalting, laying pipes. This is the time to start thinking out the new items we’ll surprise our visitors with during the next season. What will they be? A new attraction? A new service? New activities?

We still have months of work until the heat gets here. Meanwhile, we’ll keep you updated with everything here on the blog – and we’ll keep reminding you that one of the best water parks in the world is here, in Benidorm, and you cannot miss us in the summer of 2018.