Get to Know our Foundation: The Aqualandia Foundation

Get to Know our Foundation: The Aqualandia Foundation



Get to Know our Foundation: The Aqualandia Foundation

By Communications Department

Aqualandia is part of a corporate group that includes other companies from the service sector and a foundation through which to channel corporate social responsibility. The Aqualandia-Mundomar Foundation is a private Valencian Community foundation of a cultural nature. It is nonprofit and has been established for an indefinite term.

The aim of this organization is to promote the care, conservation, and preservation of nature, the environment, and other related areas – especially those areas related with marine biology. To successfully achieve its aim, the foundation undertakes different events, activities, services, and programs, all of which are related to the promotion of education and research on nature, the environment and marine biology.

Amongst these events and activities, noteworthy are the following: our organization of courses and lectures for schools and universities, our cooperation in projects with companies and institutions to promote education on environmental issues, our development of nature-related programs and research and programs aimed at the conservation of species, as well as our development of programs with universities and schools for the benefit of students in the areas of biology and sea sciences and our undertaking of programs for people with mental or physical disabilities to interact with animals in the marine environment.

The programs for people with mental or physical disabilities to interact with animals in the marine environment are extremely popular and they have been successfully implemented for 16 years. More specifically, dolphin-assisted therapy is provided at the Mundomar nature park. This therapy is not intended as a substitute for conventional treatments and pharmacological solutions, but instead its aim is work in conjunction therewith and contribute to symptomatic improvement as a complementary, additional form of therapy. Its basis comes from the healing ability of an aquatic environment with salt water.

The objectives set for this type of dolphin-assisted therapy have to do with the perceptions that the patients have of their environment, as well as with influencing and increasing the social relationships of the child with his/her immediate surroundings. The techniques that are used take into account areas such as speech therapy, problem-solving techniques, diving, and exercises that promote mobility in the aquatic environment – all of which contribute very positively to development.

In fact, the foundation ended the 2016 Season after 25 weeks, having taken care of 214 children from around the world between the ages of 5 and 15 – all of whom had conditions such as autism, Down syndrome, spina bifida, and cerebral palsy. The patients got a total of six individual sessions in the dolphin aquarium at Mundomar.  Said sessions were led by physiotherapists with expertise in therapy with dolphins.

Additionally, for the 16 years that the Aqualandia-Mundomar Foundation has been developing and conducting these therapy with dolphin programs, we have helped more than 4,000 children from around the world with a wide array of conditions.

With these types of activities being carried out by the foundation, we aim to not only emphasize the fun side of the foundation but also its connection with sociocultural programs for patient groups and collectives that are marginalized and vulnerable. Entertainment is combined with educational and social welfare programs. This is a small effort that helps a lot of people, as well as our environment.


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