Days in Aqualandia are long, therefore, our park has all kinds of attractions, for all ages and likes. Today, we will talk about our Geyser.

As you know, we have attractions which challenge the most adventurous people and adrenaline lovers, but there is also room for those who want to relax and enjoy a cooling off moment in a paradisiacal environment.

This is one of the most historic children’s attractions in Aqualandia. It is the Geyser, a wonderful corner where all the family can relax and enjoy freshness and its atmosphere. This attraction is especially designed for children, but adults can also enjoy it with them, apart from monitoring them. In order to enter the Geyser in Aqualandia, you must be at least 1.25cm tall and you must be able to swim. For that reason, younger children must be accompanied by an adult all the time.

Our Geyser reproduces a thermal spring which emits a water and vapour column to the air, where all our visitors can relax as if they were in a thermal bath. Natural geyser formation requires a favourable hydrogeology which only exists in some parts of the planet. So they are quite odd phenomena. The most famous natural Geyser on the planet is in Iceland, thus, if you cannot visit a natural Geyser, our attraction is a fantastic chance to live the experience of getting into an incomparable thermal spring.

The Geyser is an ideal attraction to relax after a day full of emotions in Aqualandia. If you are looking for a bit of relaxation and breaking away after going all over the most extreme attractions in the park, do not hesitate to spend some minutes under the water vapour which this fantastic attraction emits. Here, you can talk quietly with your friends or family while you share a unique experience.

If you are thinking of planning your visit to Aqualandia and you do not know where to begin, we recommend having a look to the planned routes to take advantage of our park. Both the route with friends and with family include a visit to the Geyser so you can enjoy this attraction with the best company while you are cooling off yourself peacefully in a wonderful atmosphere full of small waterfalls and a wide swimming-pool where you can splash as much as you like.

Aqualandia offers an experience adapted to the personal likes of each of our visitors. In our park, there is room for laughter, adrenaline, breaking away and relaxing. And all this in a refreshing environment where a good dose of fun never lacks.

In just a little more than one month you will be able to check it. We are eager to plunge in the Geyser again.