Just like in previous seasons, this past season Aqualandia received visits from famous YouTubers, influential professionals who help to generate opinions, and a great number of other patrons — especially young people.

Many try to triumph on YouTube, but few are able to position themselves so as to be seen.  In order to have success, you must have certain qualities such as being creative, offering original content, having charisma, and –especially– being very constant with publishing contents every week so that your followers are not disappointed in you.

But their influence is not only limited to YouTube. The viral nature of the YouTubers extends to all social networks because they know that they must adapt their content to the different platforms where their fans are also at, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

On this occasion, part of the Videoreviewparks team, a YouTube channel in which reviews are published on visits to the most surprising leisure parks such as theme parks, attraction parks, zoos, water parks, shows, etc. has brought together different YouTubers like Videópatas, iLeoVlogs, GranBomba, and Sandsleek in one single video which shows them enjoying a day at Aqualandia to the max.

Here’s a small description of the YouTubers who we had the pleasure of receiving at the park.


Under the slogan, “Laugh with us or at us, but laugh!” Álvaro and Ángel, lifelong friends, passionate about audiovisuals and whose dream is to film a movie, invite us to smile with one of their weekly videos. They have around 694,960 subscribers on YouTube.

Their channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/VideopatasHumor


His name is Leo and he has 376,624 subscribers to his channel. The contents he publishes if focused mainly on sketches, visual gags (humor through images, generally without the use of words), and reviews.

His channel: www.youtube.com/ileovlogs


Sergio Soler is a guy from Alicante who, since 2012, has been able to create his niche in the famous online video platform. With a great number of published videos, his channel focuses on hidden camera jokes and he currently has 424,329 subscribers.

His channel: www.youtube.com/mrgranbomba


Her name is Sandra Collado and she is a YouTube makeup fan, providing beauty tips, talking about animals, daily advice, product reviews, interested in chemistry, studying abroad, etc.  She has a total of 61,873 subscribers.

Her channel: www.youtube.com/sandsleek

During the video, in addition to having fun, Videoreviewparks gives a firsthand, detailed description of the attractions, facilities, services, etc. that Aqualandia has while adding personal experiences and opinions.

Experience at Aqualandia

Firstly, the YouTubers enjoyed the “Black Hole” and later continued on their journey towards the more intense slides like the Big Bang (an attraction like no other in Europe) — but not before doing a race down “Splash.” Of the three colored slides, the blue one is the one that they considered to be the most intense thanks to the change in slope that its path includes and, for their adrenaline to continue to pump, they went to the capsule slide “Verti-Go,” where they described the experience as indescribable.

You can see the full video here:

We hope they had an unforgettable day and that they come back next season!