At Aqualandia, we ensure that you have as much fun as possible – whether that be by experiencing strong emotions or, on the contrary, by enjoying a relaxed day with your family.

After a week full of work, and with the arrival of the good weather and summer vacation, surely you need to enjoy a fun day –a day without worries– in a refreshing, safe atmosphere.

The best of the Costa Blanca

Thanks to our location in a place where the sun never ceases to shine almost 365 days per year, we offer you the perfect plan for the weekend or any day you prefer. In addition, the park is very well connected and can be reached using public transport in the event that you don’t fancy driving. Unwind and enjoy from very early on in the day!

As you well know, in addition to activities for adventure lovers, we also have routes around the park for those who wish to relax, cool off, and enjoy the day with their family.  This is thanks to the attractions for children and moderate attractions that we have.

You may be wondering what those routes are…

Start your day at one of the most peaceful rides, the Amazon, and let yourself be carried away by a gentle current as you cool down in good company. In addition, due to the fact that the river goes around the entire park, you’ll be able to enjoy some amazing views thanks to the abundant indigenous vegetation that is part of our water park. You’ll also be able to move to the rhythm of the music from the aerobics classes that we offer along the 350 meters that the ride lasts. After relaxing as you deserve, you’ll be able to access the Geyser area, where you’ll be delighted as if you were in paradise – surrounded by man-made waterfalls and a pristine setting.

Now it’s time for a massage! Are you up for one? If what you need is to rest and relax, you can’t miss a massage in our Grand Jacuzzi Iguazu.  Equipped with multi-point water massage, it’s the perfect place to lie down and forget your worries as you think solely about the bubbling water. The Grand Jacuzzi will help you to relax, to release any stress you’ve built up, and to improve your circulation.

Then you can continue the route with the Niagara, a heavenly area perfect to dive in amongst the calm waters or venture into the mountain caves protected by waterfalls.

Things to bear in mind

We hope that you enjoy your relaxing route at Aqualandia! All the areas that we have mentioned are attractions that belong to the children’s category and everyone has the right to access them.  Still, you must take into account that minors must be accompanied by an adult if they are less than 1.20 meters tall.

At Aqualandia, we care about your safety and that of those you love.

We also have several self-service food venues, a snack bar, a barbecue restaurant, a pizza shop, a hamburger restaurant, ice-cream parlors, cafés, and stalls that sell crêpes and gyros at your disposal. You can also go to the picnic areas to eat and relax after the water activities… A little relaxation will help you to face the rest of the day with energy. Remember to pack everything you need in your backpack and to reapply sunscreen frequently.

2017 season prices

The prices for admission into the park for this 2017 season are now available. You can check them out here.

We’re waiting for you and counting down the days until May 27!