Do you Know about the Services that Aqualandia has to offer? Here you’ll have Everything you Need!

Do you Know about the Services that Aqualandia has to offer? Here you’ll have Everything you Need!



Do you Know about the Services that Aqualandia has to offer? Here you’ll have Everything you Need!

By Communications Department

Aqualandia has so many services that we can’t count them all in a single article.  It’s best for you to come, have fun like never before, and see for yourself.

Our water park is the ideal place to spend the day with your family and friends. It’s a place that allows you to disconnect and where the only important thing is to have fun and make your day unforgettable. At Aqualandia, our visitors come first and that’s why we offer them a great range of services so that, during their visit, they have everything they need and can have a worry-free day with all types of amenities available to them.

If you come to Aqualandia, the first thing to do will be to buy your tickets.  The cheapest option, and the easiest, is always online through our website; however, you can also buy your admission tickets in hotels and, of course, at the park. At our facilities, you’ll find ticket booths at the entrance, as well as information booths so that you don’t miss any details and so that you can get information on all the ticket types available and the infinite possibilities that the park has to offer. In addition, several ATMs will be available to you in case you need to withdraw money at any time.

You never know what can happen in the park, and this is even more true when you visit with children. They are more likely to have little accidents or falls, despite the fact that those types of things really can happen to anyone. While the park has all the necessary safety measures in place and we hope that none of our visitors ever has an accident, if –unfortunately– something does happen, we have first aid and nursing facilities that will help you in the event of an emergency. This is one of the services of Aqualandia which is always open to help our visitors.

Don’t worry about your belongings because we have lockers where you can store everything. We additionally have changing rooms and showers so that you can freshen up before you go home or change your clothes when you arrive so as to get more comfortable.

If memories are not the only thing that you want to take home with you from your day at our park, we have a wide assortment of souvenirs to choose from so that you don’t forget your time with us. You can check out our gift shop, where we also sell useful items that you may have forgotten at home such as sunscreen or a hat. We also offer another opportunity to remember the day with our photo shop that captures your best moments on the attractions. The faces say it all!

If, with so much fun, you lose a personal object or something of value at Aqualandia, we have a lost and found service for you to try to recover what has been lost. If you need help, we’re there for you!

And if you are looking for the “complete package” when you come to visit us, you won’t have any trouble finding food or drinks. We have a large number of places where you can rest and recharge your batteries. You can choose from hamburger or pizza restaurants and other establishments with a variety of foods.  Of course, if you want something sweeter, you can visit our waffle and ice cream stands… the perfect dessert!

It is normal, after running around the park all day, for you to feel worn out and for the only thing you want to be to rest a bit and recharge your batteries. That’s why, here at Aqualandia, we have picnic areas where you and your friends can have a rest or a snack; or, if you want, you can relax even more in the hammocks that are available in the rest areas.

Now that you know about some of the services that Aqualandia has to offer, don’t you feel like spending a day with us? We guarantee fun, comfort, and safety. Don’t think twice!


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