Do’s and Don’ts for an adventurer in Aqualandia

Do’s and Don’ts for an adventurer in Aqualandia

Do’s and Don’ts for an adventurer in Aqualandia



Do’s and Don’ts for an adventurer in Aqualandia

By Communications Department

In Aqualandia there is no time for boredom and more than 25 attractions which are in the park are a good example of it. Some of them are only suitable for adrenaline lovers.

Therefore, we invite you to leave fear at home and try our most extreme attractions which, we are sure, will raise your most adventurous spirit. As the thing is you are coming to Aqualandia to enjoy an unforgettable experience.

If you are a real adrenaline lover, you cannot miss the opportunity to discover Verti-Go, an attraction made of two water slides which are 28 and 33 meters tall. The latter is the highest sledge in Europe and the highest capsule-sledge in the world. The gravitational acceleration you can reach in this attraction depends on your body mass, but it will undoubtedly exceed the 100km/h. Just a 3-second fall in which you can experience the same feeling as jumping down from a 13th floor.

Another of the most extreme attractions at Aqualandia is the Bing Bang, an attraction made of four water slides which let you experience the most exciting free-fall feelings from a spectacular height.

You must come well-equipped, both physically and mentally, for a day full of strong emotions such as the ones offered in our park. What 10 things must a real adventurer take into account for a visit to Aqualandia?

  1. Plan your visit. If you are a real adrenaline lover you will not want to waste a single minute in the park, so planning you visit is the best option. If you are looking for strong emotions, we recommend choosing the Extreme Route. The most extreme attractions in the park are waiting for you!
  2. Get your ticket. Once you have planned your visit, you can buy the ticket which fits your situation better, such as a single ticket to spend the day with friends or with your family. You will find the best prices and offers in our online shop.
  3. Choose the proper clothes. We do not want that your clothes become an impediment to enjoy your day in Aqualandia to the fullest. Make sure that you wear comfortable clothes and footwear which allow you to move without any problem through the park.
  4. Enjoy the most refreshing experience. Aqualandia offers you an experience full of water and fun to fight against the summer heat in Benidorm. For that reason, do not forget a towel and spare clothes to come back home.
  5. Eat and drink without going out of the park. Days in Aqualandia are exhausting, so there is nothing better than recharging your batteries after a morning full of emotions in order to face the rest of the day. But remember, do not forget your digestion!
  6. Get in the most extreme attractions. Show that you are a good adventurer and do not miss any attraction. Fun is granted!
  7. Repeat again and again. We are sure that after trying our most spectacular water slides, euphoria will invade you and you will want to repeat it. You can get in our attractions as many times as you want!
  8. Safety above all. We want that adventure and adrenaline are a synonym of fun and we obviously do not want that any incident ruins your day. Make sure that you follow the rules of each attraction and the instructions of our lifeguards.
  9. Immortalise your day in Aqualandia. Do not forget your camera or mobile phone at home, so you can make all your friends jealous or just keep nice memories.
  10. Enjoy to the fullest. Finally, do not forget the most important thing: Aqualandia is a synonym of fun, so your only obligation is having fun.

Next 26th of May we will welcome one more season and we are waiting for you with our arms opened as every year.


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