Water parks are a place with a frenetic rhythm during the summer months; however, when the heat subsides, the parks’ business does too. For many months, parks like Aqualandia are closed, waiting for the new season to arrive. We take advantage of the time we are closed to prepare what will be the months of fun that arrive with the good weather.

Once the water park is closed, we begin to evaluate the past season and work to improve for the next year. The winter is the time when construction happens, materials are replaced, and planning is done for improvements in terms of facilities and services for the next year. These are months of “silent” work that will leave everything prepared for the next re-opening.

Once Aqualandia is ready to open for the season, which will be May 28 this year, the daily work begins which will last until closure.  This daily work is to maintain the 150,000 square meters of surface area so that it is fully operational and in the best possible condition so that our visitors only have to worry about having fun.

Cleaning is very important in a place like this.  During the winter, cleaning is undertaken periodically to keep the facilities in shape; however, in the summer, cleaning is performed all day long. Three hours before opening, every corner of the park is exhaustively cleaned and during the day touchups are made in accordance with need.  Later, at night, the park is picked up and everything is left ready for the next day.

The human team that works at Aqualandia is very competent and strives for the client to enjoy as much as possible.  These are prepared, professional individuals and it is thanks to them that the park is kept in perfect condition in the winter and fully operational all throughout the summer.

The pools are always clean thanks to those in charge of cleaning who use the latest technology to make them shine through and through. Our maintenance team reviews the facilities every day and they are available 24 hours a day for repairs, inspections, and to tend to workers and visitors. Maintenance includes motors, pumps, outdoor areas, and water maintenance.  Our water is monitored with chlorine and temperature tests.

The park has a great variety of services which are prepared from the early hours of the morning so that everything is ready when we open. For example, the lifeguard team inspects the facilities and trains to prevent accidents and be prepared in the event that an accident happens. In these cases, the medical assistance center enters into action, a center which prepares daily for any incidents which may arise with the necessary tools and equipment to take care of our visitors.

The dining establishments keep their facilities in perfect state and restock food and drinks daily in order to offer the greatest possible variety in terms of sweet and savory goodies for our clients.

Keeping Aqualandia always looking and operating its best is possible thanks to coordination and a great human team that takes care of even the most minimal details. The maintenance, cleaning, security/safety, dining, and many other teams work daily so that our guests have water fun with optimal services and facilities.