Common Questions about our Water Park

Common Questions about our Water Park



Common Questions about our Water Park

By Communications Department

At our water park, as in all entertainment locations like ours, we receive requests for information daily.

Questions, complaints, suggestions… all kinds of correspondence that we take very much into account and that we answer as quickly as possible. During the season, sometimes you ask us many questions and, if it ever takes us a little longer to answer you, we ask that you please bear with us. We try to take care of you in the best way possible and we want you to have all the information you need prior to visiting us.  In fact, that’s why we are writing this post.

We have come to realize that there are some questions that are repeated a lot throughout the season. As is normal, one of the places that you use a lot are the social networks that Aqualandia is a member of.  There, we try to answer you daily; even so, we thought it would be a good idea to summarize your most frequently asked questions here, although you can still keep writing to us and asking us whatever you want. We love to hear from you!

Without a doubt, and after analyzing this season, the most frequently asked questions that you ask us about have to do with purchasing tickets.  You want to know if we are going to launch any promotions, if there is a ticket that adapts to your family or group, if we have passes or special tickets, etc.

In most cases, we refer you to our online shop – it’s the best place to purchase your tickets at the best prices. There, absolutely everything is explained: ticket types, prices, terms and conditions, etc. In addition, throughout the season we always have articles that remind you of the advantages of buying through our official website and of the types of tickets we offer.

If you are one of those people who work in the summer and you can only visit us in the evenings, that’s no problem as we have evening tickets. There are many types of tickets, our famous packs to visit us with your family or friends, or combined tickets that give you access to Terra Mítica and Mundo Mar. Surely one will adapt to what you’re looking for!

Every year there are some interesting deals for those who visit Aqualandia and need to find lodging. We have also talked about that in the blog and we’ll continue to do so because we want to make things as easy as possible for you.

Promotions are another thing you ask about.  Yes, there are years that we have done promotions with commercial establishments or other types of businesses, but there are other years in which this hasn’t been possible. We are always, always going to inform you in advance… don’t worry. So you can ask us whenever you want, but rest assured that any promotion we launch will be made known in advance.

Another thing that you ask about is the minimum age to visit Aqualandia alone.  Children who are 12 years old or older do not have to be accompanied by an adult to go on our rides. We’ll you more about that and give you some tips here.

The big question, both when it starts to get hot and when the summer is ending, is what day we open and what day we close. Each year the date varies a little depending on the weather and the calendar, but we usually open the last weekend of May and close the last weekend of September. If you are planning a holiday to Benidorm or the nearby area, you can use those dates as a guide to know when you can visit our water park.

You have many questions, and we really want to answer them all and for you to come and visit us. Of course, always with our rules being followed – and it’s also important for you to be familiar with those rules.

We will continue chatting and answering your questions via our social networks so that, in a few months, we can get back to enjoying great water fun with all of you.


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