Aqualandia is the ideal place to have fun, enjoy, and experience super thrills during the summer.

We are a water park for the whole family where young and old can spend an unforgettable day.

We are the perfect place for those who work in the summer to be able to disconnect from the routine with a mixture of great excitement and relaxation. Because here you can release adrenaline on our extreme attractions and experience more relaxing moments – all combined with great cuisine and a wide array of leisure activities.

Our visitors are usually on vacation, and they typically come with family or friends. Some live very close and others are staying in Benidorm. But what almost none of our visitors do, and we’d really recommend it, is to take advantage of Aqualandia to enjoy their best celebrations.

Yes, you heard right, your celebrations can be much more special if you hold them at Aqualandia. Kids who celebrate a birthday in the summer may not be able to bring the traditional bag of sweets in to school for their friends, but they can enjoy a day amongst slides and pools with their buddies… a much more special birthday!

Kids have a great number of attractions for them; but, remember, they must be accompanied by an adult. The approximate age to visit Aqualandia alone is 12 years.

The parents can bring the food and everyone can have a picnic at our designated picnic areas. Or, if not, you can grab a pizza, snacks, or a meal at one of our restaurants. Our mascots will receive the kids upon arrival and surely if you ask them they’ll even sing “Happy Birthday.” Don’t doubt it: there won’t be a birthday more different and special than this.

But even without a birthday, a celebration at Aqualandia is special; in fact, any celebration is special – a bachelor or bachelorette party is something unparalleled. We know that our beloved Benidorm is a destination for thousands of bachelor and bachelorette parties per year. This isn’t a surprise, the city offers a wonderful climate, accommodation of all kinds, and a huge array of bars, discos, restaurants, etc.  Benidorm never sleeps and it always surprises us.

Therefore, if you have decided to go to Benidorm to celebrate your friend’s wedding, you cannot forget about Aqualandia because, without a doubt, our water park will be the icing on the cake after a several unforgettable days with your friends.

The first thing that we would like to recommend to you and your friends are some of our chain’s hotels. There are the San Jorge Apartments for you go more at your leisure; or, you can choose a hotel that is full of luxury and services, such as the Palm Beach Hotel. Both are right next to the beach, because we are sure that the beach is one of the essential stops on bachelor or bachelorette party in Benidorm.

Between the beach and the party, Aqualandia will be the perfect excuse for a day of fun with all your friends and a good dose of adrenaline, competition, and relaxation. A unique day to bond and have fun – what is expected of a weekend of friendship like that of a bachelor or bachelorette party.

If you are the competitive type and like to do everything in a group, we have attractions that will suit you perfectly. For the more relaxed, or those who have not yet recovered from partying the night before, quietly sunbathing and swimming in the wave pool will be a good choice. The more adventurous have Verti-Go waiting for them, but we are convinced that you won’t let anyone go home without trying it.

Remember that we have multiple options for eating, shops to buy anything you may have forgotten, and our staff always at your disposal. In addition, groups of friends have special tickets: the special “Super Friends” admission tickets. The best deals to buy these ticket are always on our website.

We’re waiting for you.  Start organizing all the celebrations that you have this summer and spend a day of laughter and lots of fun with us. Summer 2018 is nearer every day and you should celebrate it at Aqualandia.