Pizzas, meats, fish, sandwiches, crepes, ice cream, etc…. Eating at Aqualandia is a whole experience in and of itself.

At our park, we have a wide array of services, amongst with is our great variety of eating establishments. You don’t have to leave the park to be able to have a meal or a snack. After all, sometimes a break is necessary during a day of fun with your family or friends. In addition, we have picnic areas for those who prefer to bring their food from home.  So, it’s easy to recharge your batteries with us.

We are a water park full of rides and fun, yet we also give you the ability to find moments and places to relax, such as our Grand Jacuzzi Iguazú. Between the relaxing times and the fun, we want there to always be an opportunity to have a quiet meal, get something to drink (this is very important due to the high summertime temperatures), or even have a little sweet treat with our waffles and crepes.

Even so, many times our visitors ask us about whether it is better to eat a big meal in order to have a lot of energy for the day of fun, or to eat light just in case with so much action and excitement, our stomach doesn’t respond the way we’d like it to. There is no one answer for those questions, although it is true that eating light is usually the most common recommendation. A meal that isn’t too heavy can be digested more easily and quickly – and that is conducive to being able to continue having fun at our park after eating.

If you want to eat at Aqualandia, we offer meals of all sorts: pizzas, rice dishes, salads, burgers, hot dogs, meats, sandwiches, snacks. You can eat anything you’d like according to your tastes. We have a range of menus to suit all budgets and palates. And our options allow for a meal that is not heavy but that provides enough energy to enjoy the park to the fullest. In addition, our bars offer snacks to help you to recover the energy that you release on our rides.

It is important to be hydrated, as we have already said, and hydration should not only come from the fluids that you drink. Eating food with a high water content, like fruit, will help you to be perfectly hydrated during your visit to our water park.

After eating, there are several theories: we have always heard that you should wait two hours for digestion to take place before you go swimming. Well, that’s partly right.  After all, if it’s something we have always done, there must be a reason for doing it.  Still, there are several studies that show that by following certain guidelines, you’ll be able to get back into the water without waiting for those two hours that can sometimes seem to last forever.

The reason for waiting a little for digestion to take place before going into the water is because the sudden changes of temperature when we get into the water can cause cramps. Therefore, in order to not have to wait so long and to avoid complications, there are tips that can be followed. It is important to get into the water little by little: first get your wrists wet, then the back of your neck, arms, etc. In this way, you can regulate your temperature with that of the water. A shower at a lukewarm temperature before getting into the pool is also a good idea.

Most importantly, in addition to following these guidelines, you should always monitor how you feel and, if you experience any unusual symptoms, you must get out of the water and ask for help. Also, it is best to enter the water accompanied – although you know that our lifeguards are at your disposal for anything you need.

Another tip that we can give you is for you not to be so bold right after you eat, and to take advantage of the time to enjoy our more moderate, relaxing attractions, such as the Wave Pool, the Niagara, the Grand Jacuzzi Iguazú, etc.  They are places to relax and let digestion run its course. Although, if you want to follow the two-hour guideline more exactly, this would be a great time for you to rest in our hammocks either in the sun or in the shade – but always protect yourself with sunscreen and a hat.

2018 has arrived and, with the passing of each day, we have to wait less and less for the heat to come. Now you know a little more about the important topic of food at our park. These are tips that you should keep in mind when we kick off the season in the spring. As you know, this year you can either eat at Aqualandia or bring your food from home and enjoy it in our picnic area. We’re waiting for you!