Safety Measures at Aqualandia to Make Your Day Unforgettable

Safety Measures at Aqualandia to Make Your Day Unforgettable



Safety Measures at Aqualandia to Make Your Day Unforgettable

By Communications Department

The safety rules for Aqualandia are designed to ensure that any visitor can make the most of their day at the park.

All who come to Aqualandia do so wishing to spend a few hours filled with adventures and fun for the whole family or group of friends. But all of this entertainment would not be possible without a series of protective measures to ensure fun, relaxing times while making sure that everything is under control.

For us, the safety of our visitors comes first and, therefore, today we want to tell you about the major steps that everyone must take in order to enjoy Aqualandia’s water fun to the fullest.

Safety tips for the park

The first of our recommendations is that children must be accompanied by an adult at all times. This is so that the younger members of the family do not get lost while going through our park. In the event that the children get separated from your group, they should go to the Information Office located at the park’s entrance. Keeping the little ones safe and happy is one of the keys to safety at Aqualandia.

There are specific areas for picnics. At Aqualandia, you are allowed to bring foods and drinks from outside; but, so that no accidents occur and nobody is in danger, said food may not be packaged in tins and/or glass. If an incident does occur, there are first-aid kits and registered nurses located next to the Snack Bar dining hall. It’s easy, isn’t it? If everyone does their part, the day will be unforgettable.

Safety tips for rides

All of our attractions have a complete team of lifeguards just in case they need to come to the aid of anyone and, of course, they are able to help thanks to the extensive training and experience they have. Even so, it is necessary for visitors to know how to swim in order to access the park’s slides. To keep things safe at Aqualandia, individual use of the attractions is reserved to those who are taller than 1.20 or 1.25 meters, depending on the slide. All attractions are equipped with measuring devices that serve as a reference.

When you get on a slide, and to stay safe at Aqualandia, it is important for you not to have a t-shirt on. You must ensure that you do not have personal items on you, no glasses of any type, no shoes, and no electronic devices.

Personal items that cannot be taken on attractions can be left in the lockers that we make available to you. All lockers are protected via a sophisticated video surveillance system and, of course, by our staff members.

Amongst the park’s most popular attractions is our slide, the Verti-Go – 3 seconds of unforgettable emotions at 100 km/h. As this is a ride with extreme sensations, safety precautions are higher to guarantee the full protection of our visitors. Thus, in addition to the height limitations, there are weight limitations that do not allow anyone over 120 kg in weight to go on the ride.

These measures for personal safety at Aqualandia do nothing more than reaffirm our commitment to our visitors. We want you to have fun like never before but always with the peace of mind of knowing that our team and the water park are prepared to face all circumstances that may arise and, of course, being aware that if everyone follows the rules, we can all enjoy a day full of water fun.

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