How to Protect Yourself from the Sun at Aqualandia

How to Protect Yourself from the Sun at Aqualandia



How to Protect Yourself from the Sun at Aqualandia

By Communications Department

The city of Benidorm is famous for its beauty and for its privileged, unique climate in which the sun makes it one of the best vacation destinations of the Costa Blanca.

When the good weather arrives, the only things we think about are sunbathing, forgetting about the cold, and starting to imagine what we’ll do for summer vacation. That’s why, to enjoy a full day at Aqualandia, you must prepare your skin for the sun and you can’t forget your sunscreen if you want to avoid burns and skin irritation.

The sun contributes to our keeping in good health –both physically and emotionally– as it strengthens our bones and immune system, as well as helping with circulation and the synthesis of vitamin D3. Additionally, it influences our mood as it balances the nervous system and helps to fight depression. But in summer, we have to protect ourselves from the effects that the sun can have on our skin, especially if we’re exposed for a long time.

Because we know that there is nothing like enjoying all day at Aqualandia –thanks to the wide array of available attractions– we’re going to give you some tips in this post so that you can protect your skin and take full advantage of your day at Aqualandia under the strong sun that is typical of the Mediterranean climate.

Additionally, you have to bear in mind that when the summer starts, you should be especially careful with continued exposure to solar radiation, as your skin is whiter and more sensitive at the beginning of summer after the long winter.


The sun has several effects on our body, especially for children and the elderly; therefore, we must be especially carefully with them:

  • Use sunscreen that is suitable for every skin type and try to apply it as many times as necessary.
  • Use certified sunglasses and a cap or hat while you’re resting on the hammocks or strolling through the park.
  • Keep yourself hydrated to prevent heat stroke by drinking water and eating fresh foods which are rich in fluids.
  • Avoid heavy meals that are full of foods rich in fat and calories.
  • Wear light clothing and avoid dark colors.

Shady areas at Aqualandia

At Aqualandia, you’ll find extensive green, gardened areas that have been repopulated with vegetation that is characteristic of the region, as well as picnic areas with tables and benches in the shade where you’ll be able to enjoy a relaxing moment in the park.

What should I take to spend the day at a water park?

Spending a day at a water park is an adventure for you and your family and group of friends. It’s a special day in which fun will be present at all times. You’ll spend many hours out of your house in which your only worry will be to enjoy; therefore, it’s important to go well-equipped.

With all those items, you’ll be fully equipped for an unforgettable water-filled day of fun. And if you happen to forget something, don’t worry: you can find whatever you need at Aqualandia. And, the most important of all: don’t forget your smile and your desire to have a great, great time.

We’re counting down the days until we can start off the 2017 season! 

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