Benidorm: The Best Destination All Year Round

Benidorm: The Best Destination All Year Round



Benidorm: The Best Destination All Year Round

By Communications Department

We’ve talked about Benidorm a lot in our blog; but, how could we not?

Benidorm is not just our home, it’s the place chosen by our founder to create what was to become a great revolution: the first water park of Spain. That was an entrepreneurial, innovative idea that could only be realized in a place like this.

A city that is home to everyone, that is open and welcoming, full of life and of challenges, full of desire for improvement, a city which offers the best it has of itself so as to receive thousands of people from around the globe each year. A modern, Mediterranean city with the perfect climate.  And, according to this article from the world-class Hosteltur website, it is the best year-round destination, something which is evidenced by the city’s occupancy rates.

The Costa Blanca’s tourism capital had an average hotel occupancy rate last year of 84.4%, a rate that is quite high and rises above the average occupancy rate for the country, which would be around 61.1%. These important figures have brought Hosteltur to analyze the secret of why our city is so successful.  Are you ready?  It’s not just because of our beaches and climate – there is much more.

While Benidorm enjoys sunshine almost year round, we are not in the Caribbean and the weather is sometimes adverse. It doesn’t rain much, but there are times that it rains a lot and, although Benidorm doesn’t get as cold as many countries, our winter couldn’t exactly be called a “beachy” climate. Of course, this year we had two spring days in the middle of January, so you never can make too many generalizations.

In any event, despite not always having the best climate, in months like December occupancy is around 71.2% — a record. Our month of August, which is the best month, has occupancy rates of around 93.6%. Without a doubt, Benidorm is not a seasonal destination, and that is because of several reasons, as explained in the Hosteltur article.

Benidorm offers a great number of leisure activities all year round: sailing, sport, nature, culture, etc.  One of the events that most people find attractive is the Low Festival of Music, as well as concerts that are mostly scheduled during the spring and summer. There are those who seek paths through nature combined with visits to Benidorm Island or to our bays. They are all wonderful places worth visiting.

Our cuisine is also quite popular. Benidorm has an extensive range of gastronomic choices to satisfy both national and international tourists. Our paellas, fish dishes, vegetable dishes, Spanish “pinchos” and “tapas,” etc… and, of course, our nightlife with the best bars and nightclubs all can’t be missed.

And did you think that our marvelous parks were not on the list of reasons as to why Benidorm is the favorite destination of thousands and thousands of people? Of course, everyone knows that Aqualandia, Mundomar, and Terra Mítica are on the list of “must-see sites” in Benidorm. A unique variety of activities for the whole family to have a blast.

Our beloved Benidorm is always at the forefront of tourism, growing each year and offering more options so that people from all over the world visit us all year round. Even so, we at Aqualandia don’t open until spring, and we’ll be waiting for you then so that we can all enjoy the best water fun. The time is getting closer and closer!


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