Benidorm: A Great Destination, Even in Winter

Benidorm: A Great Destination, Even in Winter



Benidorm: A Great Destination, Even in Winter

By Communications Department

Benidorm, the wonderful city in which Aqualandia is located, is very well known worldwide – and especially in Europe.

The features that make the city that stand out are its architecture (with large blocks of flats and skyscrapers) and its Poniente and Levante beaches where, if you visit in the middle of August, you’ll have to get up pretty early in the morning to find a spot for your beach umbrella. Its zone with pubs and discos is a delight for big party lovers, its wide range of accommodation, suitable for all types of visitors and budgets, and the excellent climate that it enjoys throughout the year has made Benidorm the quintessential tourist destination.

Benidorm is, above all, a symbol of summer, heat, sun, crowds, cool beers, and tons of fun. Its theme parks, like Aqualandia, Terra Mítica, and Mundomar attract families more than anything and they round off a great set of leisure options that is imitated worldwide.

Benidorm is wonderful in the summer, and we recommend that you come to spend a few days and have fun in all the senses; and, above all, to have a unique day with great thrills at Aqualandia – the oldest water park of Spain and one of the largest. But Benidorm is so much more!

When the heat leaves us and the days get shorter, the sun is still shining in Benidorm. It shines virtually every day of the year and that allows visitors to enjoy the city and its surroundings no matter what season it is. It’s a different type of entertainment, but one that is equally enjoyable and fun and which is enjoyed by millions of people every year.

If you are the type of person who doesn’t like the hustle and bustle or you can’t take your vacation in the summer months, we recommend you visit our city anyway, as it will not let you down. The only drawback is that you won’t be able to visit Aqualandia. But you are sure to have a very, very good time in the area.

In the morning you can go to the Poniente or Levante Beach to walk, run, or exercise in a group; there are always activities to start the day with energy. The cuisine in Benidorm is quite varied, as the city, part of the Province of Alicante, offers a variety of rice dishes and, at the end of October, you can enjoy special treats during the “Jornadas de los Arroces” (“Rice Days”) of Benidorm. Spanish “tapas” and “pinchos” (finger foods) also fill our establishments and, if you’re looking for more of a quick meal, there are many food stalls for takeout.

Nature lovers have, at the Serra Helada mountain range, a unique place for hiking and observing the whole bay from up high. If sport is your thing, you’ll be able to do climbing, 4×4 riding, and paragliding… or to play golf on one of the city’s three golf courses. If what you love is the sea, scuba diving, and sailing, these too are done in the winter, so don’t worry about a thing.

And, to find lodging and rest, we have the best hotels. The group to which Aqualandia belongs offers you different possibilities for a pleasant and unique stay. At the Don Jorge Apartments near the Levante beach, you’ll be able to go at your own pace with all the luxuries of a four-star hotel because next door is the Palm Beach Hotel, whose facilities you can enjoy while staying at Don Jorge. Palm Beach is an ideal hotel where you can relax and enjoy. Another one of our hotels is the Grand Luxor, next to the Puig Campana mountains, just 15 minutes from the beaches.

Look for the best deals for these months in our hotels, there are many and surely there is one that suits you, and enjoy a unique Benidorm this winter. With less people, but with its usual charm – a charm that has become synonymous with tourism. Benidorm is waiting for you!


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