Surely you remember Bananito, Solete, and Tibu! They are the mascots who greet you and accompany you during your unforgettable day at Aqualandia.

At Aqualandia, we love for you to enjoy not only our attractions, but also our park’s atmosphere.  Bananito, Solete, and Tibu will help to round off your fun experience at Aqualandia – and you can share photos of them with your family and friends.

Let us remind you of their story

At Aqualandia, the “Welcome!” is something that they do.  And Palmera, known more affectionately as ‘Bananito,’ Sol, known as ‘Solete,’ and Tibu, famous for being the most “high-fashion” creature in the park, will be waiting for you at the park’s doors to say hello and make your day unforgettable.

What do they represent?

In addition to being part of the big Aqualandia family, Solete and Bananito represent the two most characteristic elements of the Mediterranean climate and the park’s facilities: the sun and the palm trees. This is because, at Aqualandia, there is radiant sun which will make you want to be in the water all day, and palm trees are an icon of our park and you can find them everywhere. In addition, you’ll be able to enjoy the walkway that bears Palmera’s name: Paseo de las Palmeras (Palm Tree Lane).

For children and not so “children”

The fun mascots at Aqualandia are not just for kids. While it is true that children are who most enjoy their company, and Bananito, Solete, and Tibu are three cheerful mascots who, with happiness and affection, will make all the little ones want to take their best ‘selfie,’ they will also make the older members of the family smile and remember their childhood.  Bananito and Solete are at the park from first thing in the morning until after lunch time.

What about Tibu?

When the afternoon starts, Bananito and Solete go home to rest and Tibu is who goes around the park like a “fish in water.” Tibu is a modern, playful shark and is in charge of walking around the park to make the Aqualandia visitors laugh and have fun like never before.

Tibu always dresses in high fashion

Did you know that Tibu wanted to be a model? That’s why he has great talent on the catwalk and comes out of the water each day wearing a different look and walking amongst the park’s visitors with his most “high-fashion” summer clothing.  He never wears the same outfit twice!

Although he has been living at the park for a while, Tibu can’t help but show how much he loves cameras – so look for him around the park and find him looking great amongst the people. Ask him for a photo when you see him, he loves to pose!

Keep the best memory

When you visit Aqualandia, look for the affectionate, fun, flirty, party animal mascots that are part of the park’s team and who will pose with you in a great photo with your family and friends.  Their main goal is to make you have one of the best summer days of your life and provide you with an exciting, endearing experience that you can remember long after leaving the park.

Haven’t you met them yet? They’ll be waiting for you once again this season! When you visit us, keep an eye out for them.  They’re really looking forward to seeing you! Visit our website at to find out more about one of the best water parks of Spain and Europe.

Safety: our priority

We must remind you that Aqualandia has a great team of lifeguards who are specialized in the correct use of our attractions and in the safety aspects which surround said attractions.  Therefore, all of our rides –from the ones designed for children to the ones which are much stronger– have a professional team that watches out for our visitors’ safety at all times. If you ever have any type of doubt about anything about the park or its rides, we recommend that you talk to Aqualandia’s safety staff, who will help you with anything you need at any time.

We’re counting down the days until we can start off the 2017 season!