At Aqualandia, We are Preparing to Dive into Fun yet Another Summer

At Aqualandia, We are Preparing to Dive into Fun yet Another Summer



At Aqualandia, We are Preparing to Dive into Fun yet Another Summer

By Communications Department

We are fully involved in the necessary preparations to offer you –for yet another summer– the unique experiences that you can only find at Aqualandia.

Summer is just around the corner. You know this is so because you are starting to leave your jackets at home, you feel more like going out to the street, and you look for any excuse to go buy a good ice cream cone. At Aqualandia, in contrast, we note the arrival of the summer because we are starting to prepare everything we need to give you one of the most refreshing and fun experiences of the year.

Our experts in fun are already scheming to come up with extraordinary activities that will fully satisfy your cravings for a good time. If you were surprised by the battle of water pistols that won a GUINNESS WORLD RECORD, or the water fun festival that we held to celebrate our 30th anniversary, get ready for what awaits you this year. We can’t tell you anything yet, but you must be sure that, as always, it will be unparalleled.

We’re also beginning to select the best aerobics instructors for you get into shape while you move your body in ways that you never imagined – without sacrificing the fun that is already a given at Aqualandia. Likewise, our lifeguards and safety team have started their rigorous training so that you can enjoy the experiences our park has to offer with utmost safety.

Nobody can think of Aqualandia without images of our incredible slides coming to mind. That’s why our engineers are working hard so that you can safely experience those feelings that you’ll only find at our park.

We can’t forget about those people who come to Aqualandia looking for a place where they can relax and have a quiet day. Our technicians are already tuning up our Grand Jacuzzi Iguazu. It’s getting closer to the time when you can enjoy the water jets and currents which have been thoroughly designed for relaxation.

As many of you already know, there number of ways to experience Aqualandia is as numerous as the amount of people who visit us each year. So, we are working to ensure that our routes through the park meet your expectations. We are getting options ready for all tastes and paying special attention to details. We’re preparing everything from the background music to the paths – and we can’t forget that the activities are being designed with your satisfaction in mind.

To have all the experiences that we offer here at Aqualandia ready for the summer is a lot of hard work. Our work does not consist only of having the best professionals and the best tools, we also must never stop working to find new ways to offer you a day like none other that you won’t find anywhere else. We can’t lie and say that this is an easy job, but it all becomes worthwhile when we see your happy faces every time that we round off another fantastic day at Aqualandia.


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