Aqualandia’s Rules to Ensure that Everyone Has a Blast

Aqualandia’s Rules to Ensure that Everyone Has a Blast



Aqualandia’s Rules to Ensure that Everyone Has a Blast

By Communications Department

Spending the day at our park is an ideal plan to beat the heat and enjoy some really fun, unique moments – but none of this would be possible if there weren’t rules at Aqualandia.

Each morning we open our doors to a multitude of people: groups of friends and families that visit us wanting to have an unforgettable day. Different people from different countries and cultures, people of all ages – yet, they all have a single goal: to have fun. Even so, we must coexist in harmony with the rest of the park’s visitors and those who work there.

The fact that you are on vacation and you’ve taken a day off to rest and have some fun at Aqualandia does not mean that you don’t have to remember certain rules that will ensure that there can be harmony and coexistence among all our visitors, so that everyone’s experience in the park is the best it can be. These rules allow all our visitors, from the youngest to the oldest, to enjoy total safety and respect from others.

Following the rules means you won’t put yourself or others at risk and it will help our workers to be able to do their jobs properly. Remember that you always, always have to follow our workers’ guidelines so that your day at the water park goes off perfectly and without a hitch.

Some of the Rules of Aqualandia designed to ensure everyone’s safety are the following:

The most basic and important rule is to respect the queues at all times when you are accessing the park and attractions.  Likewise, you should respect the instructions written on the informational panels, as well as the specific rules posted for the attractions.

Don’t throw food, trash, drinks, or any type of waste to the ground or the water.  This is essential to keep this park clean and to maintain a good atmosphere on the premises while helping to avoid mishaps. We have numerous points with rubbish bins where our guests can throw away anything that they don’t want or need.

Another rule worth noting would be to respect and obey the directions of all our workers and lifeguards who are distributed throughout the park’s attractions and areas. Doing what they say can provide for an orderly use of the different attractions and help to avoid any problem or inappropriate situations in the water.

Following the rules at Aqualandia, especially when going down attractions, is very important to ensure we all get along. Here, we are talking about diving headfirst or not into the pools, for example, and respecting the recommended positions when you use each of our slides, as each attraction is designed to be used in a particular way. This ensures the safety of both the person who is using the attraction and the rest of our guests.

Especially in the case of families who visit us with minors, it is essential to look after them during all the activities that they undertake so as to avoid unwanted situations.

Another rule that ensures order at our park is to respect the areas around the water park and use them for what they were designed for.  Our park’s facilities are always to be used as they were designed to be used, without changing their functionalities or purpose.

If we all follow these basic rules when we spend the day at Aqualandia, everyone is sure to get along and the day will go off without a hitch and, most importantly, safely. Lastly, don’t forget to have a blast!


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